Thursday, 15 September 2011

ME {Perfectly Flawed} ... i :) :D

K...where do i start...I love me!! yup..

I was inspired to do this post by my latest internet fascination Yagazie Emezi thanks to a post on her blog, u can find it here

I am 5'8 inches tall, medium light skinned complexion and "Imperfectly Perfect and Perfectly Flawed".
I have high shoulders that make me look like i'm proud to an unknown observer, one of my friends calls them hanger shoulders
I have small boobs
I have a cute dark, stretch-marked bum
I have bee stung pale pink lips 
I have flat big feet size 40/41, my ex-boyfriend used to call them footballer feet
I have pointed elf ears
I have an uneven blends together and forms a nice mix a twirl of vanilla and chocolate
I have and uneven hairline with a widow's peak
I am wide not fat (that's what they say)dunno
I have a lower pouch on my tummy (its bin forever i exercised and i eat tons of food)
I have an alto voice not the high-pitched sexy voice of females i'd have liked like the Hausa's
I have spread toes and not so cute toenails
I don't have a slim waist
I have sexy hips (so they say)
My skin is not as supple as i'd like it to be
My armpits are darker than my body complexion
My two front teeth are different colors
I have small eyes
My face is quite spotty tnx to pimples and acne and my ever-pinching fingers!lol
I have smile lines and frown lines 9i do both quite often but i think i smile and laugh much more than i frown though)
I have natural hair (used to be relaxed but i cut all that off and grew out my napps)
I have slim beautiful fingers and white lovely fingernails
I have long eyelashes
I have a firm body
I have an oval head (I have gotten a really low cut before so i know)
I have an obvious forehead (kinda like Rihanna'
Well, thats all li can think about right let the story begin...:D

When i was in secondary school, i used to get teased 'cos of my lips day my parents came to see me in school on visiting day and one of my friends had to walk up to them and tell them how beautiful they were and when she came back to me she asked me where they had gotten me from in other words i wasnt hot enough to be the kid of this stunning couple. Even one of my teachers had to mention to me after class how beautiful my mum was and how i wasn't fine enough

Here's ma comment on her blog -  "I can totally relate to ur post and its got me so inspired i think i'm gonna do a post on my blog if i'm not too lazy...everyone has issues i'v come to realize, that girl with the figure and face we envy is envying something on anoda girl and sooo on..I have high hangerlike shoulders, i'm wide not fat,i have beestung lips,i have a lower pouch on my tummy,i have small boobs,my complexion is not even,i have a funny hairline with my widow's peak,my two front teeth are different colors,i have an alto voice,i have elf ears,i have flat size 41 feet with not so cute toenails,i have darker armpits than my complexion,i have a dark stretch-marked bum, i could go on and on and on...One may ask how do i feel bout all these things;Truth is i love em!!!every single thing i just mentioned, its not easy but i learned to love my body very early in life and i haven't stopped...i stare at my body everyday in the mirror and realize i'v come a long way, i wouldn't have surgery to change anything bout it!!The things i can adjust i do and i realized if i care for my body and eat healthy i'm good and people will love me for me.i'll do a more detailed post on my blog.There are People i admire and believe they were perfectly created but i don't wanna be them..all this things make me Me and i'm gonna keep loving me..anyone who has a problem with these things can take a hike...The jabs i got in secondary school strengthened me and helped me to grow to love ma body and i'm still loving it.. {for a detailed read} cheers!"
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