Monday, 30 April 2012

Take Heart Thou Bereaved

It is never an easy experience to lose a loved one and i truly sympathize with all those who have had to cope with the loss of a loved one. Three of my very close friends each lost a loved one on between Wednesday, March 14, 2012 and Friday, March 23, 2012. I felt their pain but not the way they were feeling it, i heard about one of the deaths on Saturday and the other on Monday. I felt heartbroken, one of them lost his dad  in a helicopter crash in Jos, i heard about it from a colleague in passing and could not believe it, the man had just been promoted to DIG about 2weeks back, he had served in the Police Force for more than 30yrs!this was his time to shine, i had had the opportunity of meeting on several occasions, he was an extremely nice and amiable person too say the least, my heart goes out to the family members esp his wife. They were quite close and even the kids! i pray God strengthens them and helps them get through the huge loss. I'v been calling F everyday since the incident and calling when i can't call just to make sure he's ok and doesn't do anything crazy 'cos he was real close to his dad. I also called his sibling to offer my condolences but didn't have the heart to call his mum, i had read in the papers that she had not even spoken since the sad. My other very dear friend N lost her 7-day old niece due to some miscalculations by doctors, its so disheartening that in this modern day, things like this still occur. The baby's mum had been diagnosed with the wrong genotype so when the baby was born and needed blood they discovered the genotype was different and that blood was not available in the bloodbank and the baby was gone before they arrived with blood. so so sad, i had been looking forward to the birth of the baby as i had watched his mum's belly grow for all of 9months and to have the baby born was a ray of hope just to have him snatched away! I can't even imagine how his mum felt, all the pain and stress she had gone through then having to bury the child. Her hubby did not take it well either, he had seen his son with a full head of hair that looked like his mum, N had bought so many clothes for him on her trip to the UK, she had even returned some things just to buy him more things. I did my best to console her and saw the family briefly and extended my condolences to her.I heard about this on Saturday after i had not seen her at work on Friday or received a call/text from her that she won't be coming and my spirit had told me something was wrong and it had to do with the baby,unfortunately i wasn't wrong.
The last I heard about was from my friend/colleague M, he had told me of his nephew who was always falling ill as he had Sickle Cell Anemia. The little boy had had a stroke about 2times and was not fairing so well, the last crisis he had was more severe than the others though and after several attempts to get him better, he died. I felt so sad when he gave me the news but i also felt relieved for the boy and his mum. He was just 4yrs old and too young to be put through that much suffering and his mum was the one that was always there with him as his father lived in another state. I asked him if they had told the boy's sister about his death and he said they had and that she had been crying daily since he was taken to the hospital and when they finally told her about the death the girl had cried really hard but after a while she stopped crying and would just make reference to him whenever she remembered something they used to do together. I wept in my heart when he told me this, i asked him how he was taking it but from the look on his face i could see it was not so well, cos he had been like a father to the boy since the man was hardly ever around.I did my best to console him.
I haven't lost too many people close to me in my life, just my Grandparents, of which my GrandPa's own hurt the most and i couldn't bring myself to cry at his or my GrandMa's funeral.Only one loss has broken me down completely and even then i had to be strong 'cos i more or less faced the loss alone.Another person was a Secondary School Friend but we had been apart for about 6-7yrs and though it hurt that she had left this world for good, it dint hurt hard enough for me not to breathe. Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, i did not cry initially when i heard the news but some days later while listening to their songs i let the tears flow. Crying is a sort of cleanser for me, so when i do it flows.funny thing is i tear up when i'm upset which is why i usually keep quiet or walk away when someone gets me worked up 'cos if i start speaking, the rivers are just gonna flow from my tear ducts but that's a different kinda cry to when it comes from my soul. I hope all my friends get the strength to cope with their individual losses.

Take Heart My Friends.
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