Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stolen Phone (Nexus 4)

spot my green case
My phone was stolen at my desk in the office and I was quite devastated. I really loved that phone especially because it was a birthday gift from my significant other (we got twin phones) and I was barely starting to enjoy the phone. I got the phone sometime in January and 2weeks later the screen was cracked and I had to send it to the US for repairs because it was not yet in the country. I get the phone several months later but the person that fixed it somehow sent I back without the simtray so I could not use the phone except with wifi. I ordered for a new simtray from my friend in the UK and 2weeks before it arrives my phone gets stolen. I guess I was destined never to enjoy the phone 'cos not long after BBM for android was released too.
Spot my green case on my desk
twin phones for d boo & i
I actually saw the guy the that stole the phone, I had stepped out with my boss into another office briefly and I came back to see a strange unkempt fellow alone in the office, I ask what he wants and he says he wanted to see my boss, (i later figured he had read his name off the door label). I tell him my boss is in a meeting and he’ll have to take his leave, it did not occur to me until a few minutes later to check if my valuables were still in place. That’s when I noticed my phone in my neon green case was gone, I searched everywhere for it to no avail and informed the security and searched the whole premises for the man to no avail. I accepted that my phone was gone. I blocked off my access to my emails via the phone from the web, counted my losses and mourned my phone by taking a day off work. They eventually installed CCTV cameras at my office to curb future thefts. My boss promised to compensate me for the stolen one (I think I’ll get the newer version) and that cheered me up. I have pics to reminisce over (it always put a sparkle in my pics) and for now I’m stuck with my blackberry. Don’t forget to always back up ur phone data, It makes the loss easier to swallow and deal with. 


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