Friday, 13 June 2014

Meet my Online Captivators 2!!

Y'all know i'm an internet addict! This a Part II to a post I did sometime in 2011 and trust me I have garnered many more since then and i'd love to share my top faves with you all, hope you find the as interesting and captivating as I do. They range from comedy to dance to hair/weaves to makeup to web series to blogs to vlogs to inspirational and more.

Youtube Channels
  • Shameless Maya
  • BubzVlogz
  • Enibaby4
  • Gossmakeupartist
  • African Comedians
  • Bovi Ugboma
  • Heyfranhey
  • CEO dancers
  • Peakmill
  • ItsmyRayeRay
  • BeautybyJJ
  • ItsJudyLife
  • Dope 2111
  • Naptural85
  • An African City
  • BasketMouth TV
  • Allnatural28
These are the peeps that gat me hooked online! I have known some for a while though but they were not in my last post so i thought i'd include them in this. What r urs?? I'd like to know.
Please Share it! :)

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