Saturday, 9 July 2016

Eat.Drink.Chill & Play in Abuja

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Abuja is now my home, since i moved here in 2008 for my corps service (NYSC). We also now have a family house here and i reside here with hubby. I love Abuja! Less Traffic, Great Road Network, Fairly Clean, Electricity supply is as ok as u get in naija, fairly safe and overall laid back town. Only complain is the high rent prices and hopefully we'll own our own house soon, then its tenement rates and ground rent we'll have to be paying, na wa.
I still love Lagos but we are in a weekend/holidays only kinda relationship. Most people complain that Abuja is boring or that there's no fun activities, of course its not as bubbly/hectic as Lasgidi but i disagree that it is boring. You gotta move with the right crowd and you'll have fun in Abuja. Here's my Eat, Drink, Chill & Play in Abuja guide.


1. Breakfast
  • Quarter Cafe
  • The Bukka (Transcorp Hilton)
  • Salamander Cafe
  • Saffron Cafe
  • Bon Cafe
  • Tulip Bistro
2. Lunch/Dinner
  • Al-Basha 
  • Nkoyo
  • Yabans
  • Jevenik
  • Vanilla
  • Dunes
  • Diznos
  • Bamboo
  • Barkono Grill
  • Traffic
  • Uptown Lounge
  • Anti Ajobi
  • Iya Oyo
  • Spice Platter
3. Fine Dining
  • Chez Victor
  • Papillon Restaurant (Sheraton Abuja)
  • Panache Restaurant
  • The Nile Place
  • Clan Cafe
4. Dessert/Sweets/Fruits/Smoothies
  • Andies Candies
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Yogurberry
  • Habib Yoghurt
  • Dunes
  • Chloe's cupcakes
  • Cupcake cuties
  • Smoothie Parlour
  • Farmers Market
5. Night Eats
  • Asokoro Suya
  • Unique Garden, Zone 5 Suya
  • Games Village Suya
  • Chicken Capitol Sharwama
  • Drumstix Sharwama
  • Gas Meat
  • Balango (Ram Meat)
  • Yahuza Suya


  • Drive around town and check out the Landmarks 
  • Paintball
  • Bowling (Trukadero, The Dome)
  • Go Kart
  • Visiting Art Centres & Libraries (Thought Pyramid, Arts & Craft Village, House 33, Yaradua Centre)
  • Visit the Lake & Dam (Jabi Lake & Usuma Dam)
  • Visit Parks (Wonderland Amusent Park, Millenium Park, City Park, Riverplate Park)
Millenium Park
    • Visit the Zoo {Abuja National Children's Park & Zoo-its inside Wubassey Barracks after Niger Barracks, Asokoro)
    • Cinema
    • French Films Screening @ Centre de Culturel Francais
    • Indoor Gaming e.g. PS (Trukadero, Wonderland)
    • Swim
    • Salsa (Casalinda, Barcelona Hotel, Ceddi Plaza, Sheraton, The Cube Cafe)
    • Exercise (Zumba, Yoga, Pole Dance)
    • Hike (Abuja Hash House Harriers)
    • Paint
    Pottery @House 33 (Maker Library Network)
    • Spa (Mb Hammam)
    • Sports (IBB Golf course, Transcorp Hilton, Polo club)
    • Attend Events- Picnics, Freedom Hall, Festivals, Comedy Shows, Stage plays, Concerts, Pool parties, GATP, DMP, Fairs, etc.
    • Karaoke 
    • Nightlife-Gardens (Eden Garden, Blake, Mellow Fellows), Clubs (The Bank, Play, Crave Cubana, Aramis, Aqua,Moscow Underground), Lounges & Sit outs (Sky Lounge, Krystal Lounge, Sofa Lounge, The Secret Garden, Carribean Wine Cafe, Crush Cafe Traffic,Vanilla, Beer Barn, Nouveau, Ketchup, Zanzibar,Charcoal Grill Lounge)
    Check out my Foursquare 'Places in Abuja' list for more places in Abuja and my posts on Upcoming Events in Abuja. Enjoy!
    Please Share it! :)


    1. Oh my! Jemima! This is an extremely thorough list of Abuja! Im not even half way through doing the activities on the list and I've been in abuja for four years...sigh.

      Hope you've been great, its been a minute.

    2. UmmiBeeeeeee!! Thanxx, i keep finding short lists of things to do in abuja and i decided to write up a more fun list. My dear u r not alone, even i haven't done a no. of the activities on the list, better late than never ba. I wanna start exploring my artistic side more so i've signed up hubby and i up to paint this weekend, i hope i get some free time soon to also try my hands at pottery.
      I swear u'v been on my mind, i have 3 of ur posts open because i have commments to make on them but life has been uber hectic! No more procrastination though, i must to comment today!lol. tnx for coming thru XooX


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