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Lumo Naturals Salon *4th Time's a Charm* Major Upgrade!

*insert Beyonce's 'Upgrade you' here*
Reception Area
View from the Wet Room
Lumo Naturals has moved to Concept Plaza and i believe this was part of what they needed to take their services to the Next Level. 
I have not been to the salon since August 2014, i reviewed them twice before, read here and here. The 1st post i was a super unhappy customer and expressed my opinion about the salon and things that could be changed and the 2nd post was an update. I honestly did not do it to spoil their business, just to create awareness of where they were lacking from a neutral customer's point of view. 
I'm really glad they have stepped up their game and can now proudly say i don't quite mind making the trip to their salon in Gwarinpa to get my hair done. 
Here is the list of things i highlighted in my 1st post and i think all of them have been addressed:
  • The salon arrangement
  • The scheduling process for customers
  • The seating provision for customers
  • The no. of staff
  • The no. of appliances,shoulder towels, shower caps, etc. for customers to use
  • The customer service
  • The provision of entertainment for waiting customers (can be looped Natural Hair Youtube videos-hairstyles, advice, products, etc.)
  • The storage of hair products for sale (against theft)

Gwarinpa is totally out of my way and i probably would have not visited Lumo Naturals if not for my friend Tutu, she was visiting from outta town and getting her hair washed though so i decided to meet up with her and see how the salon was doing. I initially went to their old location but got their new address from their website, luckily it was walking distance. I was very impressed when i got there and was rid of the bitter taste in my mouth from my previous experience there. They had a reception area and a spacious, well arranged and nicely furnished salon. They also had natural hair videos playing on the TV and the staff seem to have been well trained to handle natural hair as they required no supervision. 
I really like the Ankara decor, mirrors, pot plants and the Product Shelf. It was a breath of fresh air.
They also have a fridge to buy refreshments.
Product Shelf
My friend was well catered too, she had her hair washed, conditioned and steamed, there is now a dedicated 'wet area' for washing your hair, etc and it has 2 separate wash basins and you have the option of warm water. 
The owner came in at a point and was quite warm this time and we had a nice brief  hair chat with her, which was nice. I believe they have a manager's office in the salon.
The Manager was really nice and i liked that their price list (really decent prices for a natural hair salon) is framed and in view at the reception.
This time around i had a very pleasant experience there and i wasn't even the customer, i have been super-busy and super-tired from work lately so i'm gonna put DIY on the backburner this week and go there to get my hair washed, steamed, etc. I'll add a quick update to this post after that, as a customer.
Price List
Lumo Naturals
F101, Concept plaza, beside Emirates hotel, 5th avenue, Gwarimpa.
08094823173 | 09-2911727 (They actually work!!)
My Experience (Update)
I got to the Salon on a Friday around 5:30pm after calling to book an appointment and i was done by 7:46pm which was a satisfactory time gap for me. If you've read my other posts you would understand why.
I had not combed my hair in forever, i just left it in a bun so it needed serious detangling. The hairstylist that attended to me was Fatima and i thoroughly enjoyed the service.
She sprayed my hair and put a mix all over it for some mins before proceeding to gently detangle my matted hair in sections, it was practically painfree, i couldnt believe it, afterwards my hair was shampooed in sections and washed with warm water, it was quite delightful. When i DIY i'm to lazy to heat up water for my hair.
She then applied a mix to my hair and a showercap over it with a paper wrap to prevent water dripping out and ear muffs to protect my ears. This was without a doubt my most comfortable steam. It lasted about 45mins i think before i had it washed off then she applied conditioner to my hair and i had it on for about 5mins then she combed my hair in sections before my final rinse with cold water (seals the hair cuticles) #bestfeelingever!
I loved that my shoulder towel was changed after my steam session and a dry microfibre towel was also used on my wet hair after conditioning.
I requested to have my hair dried with cool air, 'cos i did not want my scarf to get wet (it cost #500) and also told her i did not want any product with coconut oil used on my hair ('cos my hair is protein sensitive) so she used shea butter instead. My hair was dried and 'buttered' up and put in loose chunky twists. I love how my hair smelled from the fragrance of the shampoo and conditioner-very yummy.
Proper tools were used on my hair and i liked that (wide tooth comb,shower caps,ear muffs,soft microfibre towels, hair clips, etc.)
I entertained myself during my hair session by reading (Lupita's Vogue Edition) from their selection of magazines, that made time go by faster.
I paid #4,000 via PoS when i was done which is definitely a very decent price for the service i got (hair products & tools used,light-gen,water,services).
The Salon was quite full and i did not notice any customers waiting as they now have quite a good no. of staff. 
I noticed a sign at at he reception stating that MEN are not allowed in the main salon, most likely because of muslim women that may be getting their hair done, which is understandable.

Regarding my Past Review of the Salon-Honest Feedback from customers on services/products is important though most Nigerian businesses are not used to it, they should embrace it as it will ultimately improve their business; although mine was written laced in anger hence the tone, it was mostly constructive criticism because of the perceived potentail. 
I think its a plus to have been able to win me back.
I can now confidently recommend this salon to my fellow naturals. Call and book ahead though so you can avoid waiting, they were fully booked for Saturday.
I have ZERO complaints this time around, i got my money's worth, TLC for my hair and a break from DIY.
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  1. My friend actually runs Lumo Natural and I have to say she's committed to bettering it. Overtime I drop by it looks better than the previous visit.

    I'm glad you had a pleasant encounter.

    1. @Ummi, i have to say she is definitely committed and i'm now a satisfied customer and can happily recommend it.

  2. Can I just say - even though I have no idea who you are, I have so much respect for you. You went to a place where you were initially not happy with the service, gave them the benefit of the doubt by visiting a second time. Wrote an honest review WITH SUGGESTIONS ON HOW THEY COULD IMPROVE (I LOVED that!) and then took the pains to go there AGAIN and then write another honest review. You make e proud to be a Nigerian and give me hope that there are good, hardworking Nigerians out there who will not bend to pressure. Please keep being you <3


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