Tuesday, 7 April 2009

CruELLa dE ViL

How evil can people get...forget josef fritz 4 a while..lets go to bosses ..just because u at the top now does that mean u should treat every1 under u like u were never under people..i dont get how people think ma boss...whew!!i swear she can't move forward if she keeps up with her nasty human relations.i wasn't feeling fyn for a week so couldn't go to work and when i call her to inform her all she can say is make sure u bring ur excuse duy from the doctor..EXCUSE ME for taking my health seriously..then again i went to the office to get ma PC and submit ma excuse duty and she couldn't ask if i was o.k for work all she says is are u @ wiork today..nawa o...mchew!!then she sed we have to review my work b4 she can sign ma PC and she found two outsanding jobs from wen i wasnt @ work and she says i gotta do it b4 she can sign WTF!! bitch ..i told her i aint well and i aint doin notin ur fuckin company hasnt even payd me for 2 months....anyways she signs d stuff and i do ma thing...monday till i saw her cruella face again...biatch... Episode 2 hmm..yh ma boss was at it again..i applied on the 8th of June for a 4day leave to apply for my transcript and attend convocation ...she sed nothing about it thru-out that week...i came to work on the 15th which was when i was supposed to go on leave then she's acting all holier than thou like she dint see that memo on her table thruout last week...my mind was alrdy made up that nothin was stoppin me frm goin to lag so i totally wasnt buyn her bullshit...i stayd at work for a while then went to make ma hair which took like the rest of the day ..came back to the office wen i was done to get ma bags and she's all up in ma face like i went to make ma hair durin office hours..in my mind m like bitch if u'd just signed ma leave form we wouldnt be having this argument i dint bother informing her that i hadnt even planned to come for work that day..she just kept blabbing how i'l receive a formal note on this from her the next day and bla bla bla...psshh!! madam i aint comin to work tomorrow...lol..i was totally roflmao in ma head and just kept ma cool while she blabbed which is her hobby by the way...well well to cut the very long story short i went for ma vacation in lag and had loads of fun....got back to work early moday morning and continued ma duties as usual..tho she wrote a memo to the HR that i had left wtht permission but mehn dint give 2 bout that,,,cnt wait to be outta here by the end of the month.. Its not healthy to work in an environment where u are constantly frustrated,put down and oppressed to say the least i'd rada earn minimum wage and be happy with ma job, happy at work,etc not like what i see by the people in the marketing & sales dept. of dis institute..Hell NO!!! l pass on the 100grand....and be happy

Episode 3

Ma boss has a cold and so errbody else must die of heat..madam had a cold o and said the air conditioner should be switched off not caring that there's no ventilation in the office and its a department where customers come for enquiry, its so annoying but wat can be done she's the boss..we go reach dia by God's grace..amin...time for discharge clearance no mata how long she gats sign and she started givin me speech about how i'm resourceful and she shoulda graded me higher than 92 like i care ..sheesh 90-100 is in the same range missy so i dont really give 2 and telling me i'm not loyal cos i left without her permission,abeg abeg just sign the discharge is wats goin thru ma head wish i had a chance to give her a piece of my mind also,like ask y we dint go for training,thruout our stay while other corp members went, and y her staff are always looking depressed once she comes around...but i dint get the chance to give her a piece of ma mind,...its all good tho...managed to get maself cleared so so its enjoyment till 7th..yipeeee!!!

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