Thursday, 2 September 2010

Skin Care,etc

Listening to Sade Adu- By ur side,sipping a cup of Amarula and it just suits the mood i'm in..been kinda blue this week for no particular reason but i guess i can associate it with ma period....trying to prepare for my presentation on the 24th,we do friday presentations weekly in my office and dnt wanna be caught unawares thinking there's time and all.. meanwhile bin checking up on skincare and all that beauty stuff...i believe great skin is the best asset and accessory any female can have..even skintone,smooth shiny skin and complexion are what i crave..therefore i have decided to pass on ma fair and white range which i switched to from my neutrogena sesame oil and clear essence complexion bar as it seems to be worsening my skin condition contrary to what ma cousin who uses it diligently and shows good results suggested. Its making making me unevenly fair instead and leaving blotches on my skin which i don't like plus ma sunscreen supplier says to wait as she does not have at the moment, if only the sun UV rays will wait also..sigh*. i have decided to take matters into my hands after a session with my beauty consultant Antonia Keiko Anni. The conclusion was reached that my skin likes local so we following my skin route-bought a container of village fresh (Ghanian soap-i used to use it back in the days and got excellent results) and got some bowls of shea butter (sending some to my beauty consultant tho) for ma body and i've started diligently taking a warm shower every night after work (quite soothing and relaxing)...during the weekends i have a salt and oil warm shower and a pedicure and manicure....i love pampering myself and relaxing...i'm gonna do a spa soon as i have cash to spare, but for now i will just savor the mini treats i give myself...btw*listening to Janelle Monae-tightrope(love this song) and love her (cute face and wild hair) i'm crazy about looking good with no foundation,concealer,etc on and looking even better with them on or less (like d pic below) wink* i have gone to several site to check up the benefits of shea butter to the hair and skin and its countless, it includes but is not limited to -
  • Preventing sunburn on neck and face
  • Helps in healing wounds and scars
  • contains vit A, F and E which is great for the skin
  • eliminates dry patches on feet,elbows and knees
  • restores shine and naturally occuring oils to hair
  • helps reduce/eliminate scalp dryness
  • Great moisturizer
  • Reduces strech marks,wrinkles,skin cracks
  • revitalizes and refreshes skin
  • reduces razor bumps after shaving
  • even skin tone
  • reduce acne
  • absorbs quickly wtht greasy residue
REALLY!!! need i say more - lucky for me i'm in Nigeria where i can access it easily and cheap, the only thing people have a problem with is the smell,i don't though and i use the unrefined one..there are 3 different types though (unrefined,refined,highly refined), it is extracted from the nuts of the shea-karite tree and only found in the tropics of Africa, for more info you can google benefits of shea butter,its called ori in yoruba. that aside i have been reading up several sites on bad habits that lead to acne,black spots and other skin drama and here are a few for whoever is interested
  1. Going to bed without removing make-up (the body temperature increases when you sleep and ehnaces absorption of whatever is on the surface..i'm sure you would like it to be beneficial ingredients not the day's mound of oil buildup and dirt which cause zits,etc)
  2. Skipping sunscreen (which blocks UV rays that cause wrinkling,sagging,speckling,etc.)
  3. Smoking (apart frm health issues,causes deeper wrinkes and blotchier skin tone)
  4. Drinking too much (causes skin sagging)
  5. Using wrong product on skin (may be too harsh and cause complications consult a beauty specialist and read ingredients and directives b4 buying products)
  6. Using dirty make-up brshes or puffs (need i xplain y?)
  7. Overexfoliating can excarbate oil production and worsen breakouts by spread of bacteria
  8. Sleep deprivation which can aggravate skin conditions and stop skin from repairing day time damage etc
  9. Eating Junk food (Gabbage in, Gabbage out)
  10. Popping zits (i am guilty of this and have the trophies in form of black spots..thing is it can cause infection,and spread to other areas as taunting as those zits are .DNT POP IT
  11. Not Exercising which increases blood flow to the skin causing healthylooking flush and decreases stress which may result in acne,talkless of its other health benefits)
  12. Overloading n products (ingredients can conflict to yield disastrous result,take note)
  13. Tanning (forget the celebs who do it and can splurge on products or plastic surgery,etc tanning beds are worse 'cos they emit concentrated UVA light which penetrates deeper of a combo of UVA and UVB rays which is wat the sun gives out. The skin thickens and produces melanin (the pigment that darkens cells) to protect itself when exposed to the sun and any pigment change can lead to pemature aging and increase in probability of having skin cancer.

that's d lil i have gotten for now will post more as soon when i get

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  1. HA!! nice one, me o mo beauty consultant eh

    good good, there are still some things i am guilty of, but rome was not built in a day, ha!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. u can say that again.m also guilty of some working on it tho


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