Friday, 25 April 2014

My last single gal Bday *sniff (Late December Post)

I turned 24!!Monday birthday but I started the party from Sunday! Sunday night i went to Cubana club for a birthday treat and friends chill, mostly made up of shisha, drinks and dancing and some karaoke. I have to say i had a swell time, dint get home till around 2am and crashed out!(sadly had to get up early for work the next day which was my proper birthday) and it was quite a way to celebrate my last birthday as a single gal (got an upcoming post on that). Sometimes i have to count the year i was born to remember my age. My birthday was loads of fun!! Lucky for me my BFF was in town and though i did not get to spend much time with her that day 'cos i had to be at work and she had to travel to Lagos that day, she still took out time to surprise me. 
I stepped out of the office and came back to discover a box of yummy cupcakes and a card at my desk. It was real sweet and made me smile, wish i had been around when she stopped by. Then later in the day, the boo surprised me with a birthday cake at work from my favorite cake place! (Oven Craft). I cut it up to pieces and shared it with my colleagues before heading off to drop a slice of cake for mumc at work and collecting some birthday blessings. I had a chill day with the boo afterwards and was off to Lagos the next day for Christmas, a Wedding and hols till the 30th when i found my way back to the saner Abuja. I plan to do a post on my Gidi hols, was loads a fun!
My friend hastily baked me a tasty cake for my Sunday birthday outing and i shared it with my friends at the club. I got to take only about a quarter home which i shared with my neighbours.
Sunday outing.Got hot, smoky & full too fast!
The Oven Craft cake. Red Velvet & Vanilla flavors
Mama & I
My partner in crime. lool
Former shisha addict moi

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