Thursday, 26 March 2015


This was the title of the Poll being taken by The Naked Convos blog last Friday, followed by a short write-up and a range of figures to choose from.
The option i picked was  Any amount of money is okay (as this was more or less applicable in my life) and in the comment section i explained my point of view after reading comments from other readers.
This was my comment
"I agree with @toolsman, marriage is a game of compromise. A man can earn as little or as much as possible before getting married. As far as i’m concerned being ready for marriage and having stability has more to do with the mental maturity of both individuals and their will to make compromises towards a better future. How much do civil servants make and they are married with kids to support now and even back in the days and they make up a large part of the Nigerian middle class. If you marry the right partner, set priorities and you both align accordingly on the best path for growth, savings, investment and a better future, money becomes a small matter. Marriage is not about the wedding ceremony and that’s where most people miss it, we want the loud, splashy, costly bellanaija type weddings and end up paying 4it in frustration and sometimes in cash for the next few years into the marriage, not the best tone to start the foundation.
Contentment is scarce-constant comparison is now the norm, everyone is in the ‘his money is our money, my money is my money’ mentality, the men wanna be the ‘man of the house’-ego driven, YOLO lifestyles-spending all they earn now ‘cos who knows if we’ll see the rainy day if we save, vulnerabilty is now weakness, etc.Cut your coat according to your size and it’ll fit just fine till you get more material. a.k.a Have a budget and plan accordingly, work towards it, be a team and support one another and God go bless the rest. #shikena'."
You can check out the post on their blog.
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