Thursday, 26 March 2015

Shopping Online as a Nigerian

If you are like me in Nigeria and love to shop online rather than go to the market, here are some sites you'll definitely love and thank me for. They range from general discount/auction sites to clothing, shoes, makeup (Ben Nye powder, Urban decay primer potion, etc.), accessories, electronics, household items, food items etc. They are based in Nigeria or deliver to Nigeria.
You're welcome :D

Here's my list:

What you need to do before shopping online:
  • Do some in-depth research on the site you want to shop from (their physical address, contact details, their reputation, customer service, delivery time, charges, etc.)
  • Read customer reviews and complaints (on their sites,blogs, social media, forums-Nairaland,etc.)
  • Read the FAQ section of the website thoroughly
  • Explore the payment options (make sure its secure)
  • Explore the delivery options/schedule
  • Make direct enquiries if necessary
  • If you are satisfied with your findings on the site, go ahead with your shopping
That's all i have for now, will add more to the list as i find them. I hope you find something you love.
Please Share it! :)


  1. OMG!!! I really cannot explain how effective, helpful and useful your page is. I felt like I was talking to a wedding planner--- eased m of all the headaches. Very well detailed information. Am really grateful. God will uphold, bless and keep your home. Thank you so very much.


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