Saturday, 19 November 2016

Pan Sweet Potato MeatPie

You can call this the 'lazy' style of making the Nigerian Meatipe.
I used a combo of Dooney's Kitchen Meatpie Recipe (For the filling) and All Nigerian Recipes 'Nigerian Meat Pie as a Dessert' Recipe (For the dough) and i got awesome results. Only thing i did differently was use Sweet Potatoes onstead of Irish Potatoes 'cos i prefer them.
It's basically meatpie in a pan and way faster and simpler than making individual meatpies. I might try my hands at Shepherd's Pie next since they are quite similar. I'll let you guys know how that goes if i do.
I cut my meatpie dough too low after setting it in the pan so i did not have enough in some areas to pinch it closed with the dough cover and have that nice edge crust effect, i'll do better next time. 
This Pan Meatpie is part of my Christmas Menu for this year. Keep an eye out for my post on how i manage the Christmas cooking by myself, with enough prep it's not tootedious and my neighbours lurrrvv
Enjoy the pics of the prep process &final results of my Pan Meatpie :
Filling made with sweet potatoes
Flour for dough prep
Worked dough resting
Dough prepped and in pan
Dough cut to pan size (i cut it too low)
Dough cut and filling spread in
Pan Meatpie is Ready
Pan Meatpie in Pan
Pan Meatpie served
Juicy Tasty Slice

UPDATE- 2ND ATTEMPT(Christmas Eve 2016). I think it came out better and it definitely had more filling. Yummyyyy.
Check out my other cooking related posts and i hope it inspires you to whip up some easy tasty meals, snacks, etc.
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