Wednesday, 25 March 2009

100 things

LaSt DonE Last phone call - Evalsam Last text message - Jummie Last song i listened to - Suddenly Last tym i cried - sometym last month(cnt remember) HaVe I eVeRs Dated someone twice - Yes Been Cheated on - Yes Kissed Someone - Yes Lost some1 special - Yes Been Depressed - Yes Got drunk & threw up - Yes fOuR FAvOriTE CoLouRs Green Blue White Grey hAvE I Made new friends - Yes Fallen outta love - Yes Laughed until i cried - Yes Met some1 who changed me - Yes Found out who my true friends are - Yes Found out some1 was talkin bout me- Yes(na dem get their mouth to use talk wetin dem want) Do i have pets - No Do i want to change my name - sometimes What i did for ma last birthday - was on the road for bout 10hrs What tym i woke up today - 6:10 What i was doing @ midnight last night - Sleeping Something i cannot wait for - To make my Green Last tym i saw my dad - January One thing i wish i could change about my life - What i'm listening to right now - Give it up to me(Sean Paul) Have i ever talked to a person named Tom - What's gettin on my nerves right now - nothing Most visited webpage - Facebook Nicknames - bebe,adyms,fatai rolling dollar Relationship Status - In a relationship Zodiac sign - Capricorn Male, Female or Transgendered - Female Long/medim/short - medium Do i have a crush on some1 - What i like about myself - ma stature Piercings -Yes(both ears) Tatoos - No Righty or Lefty - Righty FiRsTs Surgery - None Peircing - Dunno Best Friends - Lara,Lara & Obinna(Primary sch) Sport joined - Game Played - Car Race Pet - None Vacation - Cant remember Crush - Femi Abba Haruna(dat i can remember) rIghT nOw Eating - nothing Drinking - water Already missing - Him I'm bout to - read for ma SOD test Listening to - Live your life(T.I & Rihanna) Thinking about -Him Waiting for - (5:00 closing tym) FutUre Husband - Yes Kids - Yes Career in Mind - Energy Consultant & Provider Better WITH the OPPOSITE sex lips/eyes - both Hugs/kisses - both Shorter/taller - taller Older/younger - older Romantic/spontaneous - both nice abs/arms -both Sensitive/loud - in between Hook up/relationship - both troublemaker/qiuet - in betwen Have I EvEr Drank hard liquor - Yes Lost glasses/contacts - glasses Had sex on 1st date - No Broken some1's heart - No Been arrested - No Turned some1 down - Yes Cried when some1 died - No Liked a friends boy/girlfriends - Yes dO i BeLiEvE iN God - Yes Myself - Yes Love @ 1st sight - lol..Yes Heaven - Yes Santa - No Kiss on 1st date - depends Angels - Yes Truthfully answered Is there some1 i'd wanna be with right now - Yes Had more than 1 boyfriend/girlfriend @ a tym - Yes Wish i could change things bout ma past - Some Are all above true - Yes
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