Thursday, 14 October 2010

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

British scientist Professor Robert Edward who invented the fertility treatment IVF won a Nobel Prize for medicine. Apparently about 4million babies born to parents who would have otherwise failed to conceive was made possible by his work.He and his partner Patrick Steptoe who died in 1988 developed the technique in which egg cells are fertilized outside the body and implanted in the womb.

The first test tube baby Loise Brown was born July 1978. They were criticized by other scientists and the Catholic Church who called the research unethical,immoral and dehumanising and Nobel Laureate JAmes Watson who with Francis Crick discovered DNA said IVF research would necessitate infanticide. . They prevailed on all this,despite finding it difficult to find a willing clinic from which they could consult so they set up one . Since the birth of IVF, he co-founded the Bourn Hall clinic in Cambridgeshire with Dr. Steptoe to help childless couples and it now treats around 900 women a year.

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