Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Apples,berries,oranges are no longer fruit names.they either represent a telecoms company or phone companies. So... V bin using ma n97mini and enjoyin it since ma friend got it 4me until it got some mad virus that crashed my 8GB memory card,luckily ma music and important pics were not on it, lost ma videos tho :( God dey. Anyway my friends had been bugging me to get a bb and I keep justifying to them y I do not need 1 as ma fone as all d applications and more that I nid xcept d bbm and I couldn't see any reasn y I should pay 5k for that and internet wen I could use the same 5k to pay for ma starcomms internet connection and enjoy browsing. I told 'em d only condition they'd see me with a bb is if someone got it for me and paid for d subscription.not long after I was offered a bb frr of charge while out wit ma friends,I asked d dud if he was gonna fit d subscriptiom bills and he sed no.I declined d offer as I did not see d point vn a bb wtht bis workin.later on ma friend and I were discussn and she sed I shld v just collectd it anyway,to cut d story short sm1 gt me a bb(current and nice lookn) and paid for d subscription (yay). It would be an understatement to say m enjoyn it,I get to v my share of the bb pin hype,etc but wat I love about it most is I v a mobile internet and can do practically wateva I wanna.I'm bloggin on it ryt nw and its so much fun and easy,I believe it will even make me more consistent wit ma blog posts 'cos all I need to do now weneva I wanna blog is pick up ma fone and type away. I still love my n97mini and I'd probably love it more if I could v internet on it always tho its d fact dat it slides up dat trips me d most!dats dat bout me fones.btw* my boss jst got an ipad as a gift and after commenting that there's noting special bout it and its just a hype and a feel cool be in vogue syndrome that drives it, he has fallen in love with it and its applications!dats wat hpns.enjoy but dnt get sucked
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