Thursday, 25 November 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning! This is a term used by people aLl around the world practically everyday whether we get up on the right side of the bed or not. I remember wen i was younger my parents gave me so much hassle about greeting 'em whenever i see 'em in d morning. I was quite rebellious wen i was younger due to a variety of factors,i was a smart kid and got 'independence'(entering second sch) wen i was very young.i did not see the point in saying good morning wen d morning did not feel so good!i gt a series of beatings and wordings from ma mum and dad about this,partly 'cos we yoruba and respect is such a huge deal our tribe and greeting is a big part of respect (btw words worked better on me than beating, i was a guru @ 'chesting' beatings meanwhile words could make me cry buckets n b good (4a while). Now i'm grown (well to an extent) and i realised saying 'Good morning' has become a part of me regardless of wat side of d bed i wake up,i don't know if it counts as a good habit but  guess ma folks are happy that all dat talk finally sunk in my skull,i wonder if this will make me try to sink into the skull of ma kids or if i will find it disrespectful when someone passes me at work in the morning without a greeting 'Good morning'.we'l v to wait to find out ma reaxn to ma kids but as for ma colleagues, i don't really give a hoot if they greet me or not. This post is dedicated to ma sweetheart Tope a.k.a 'Pope Carter'
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