Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cooking is good for the body and soul

I cooked!!yay its been forever since i cooked mehn and it felt good!! almost kinda cleansing. I made two soups Edikaikong and Efo-riro.
I woke up very early and went to meet 2 of my friends at their place to accompany me to the market. I wrote a list while at their place, then withdrew money from the ATM along d way and we got set buying. I have to say going to the Market to buy foodstuff is one of my major issues. Going to the market is stressful!!bargaining and all that. Luckily though we had a barrow boy follow us around and collect watever we bought to keep in his barrow. I bought practically everything, from rice, beans to yam, pasta,sardines,etc. I bought everything i could think off 'cos i had not intentions of visiting the market anytime soon. Luckily again i got a cab before even getting out of the market area, i payed the barrow boy for his service, thanked my friends for following me to the market and told them i'd let them know when the soup was ready so they could come chop!

I got home and carted all my goods to the kitchen, i cleaned out the wardrobe and arranged everything where they should be. The cleaning and arranging took 4eva!! Like i sed i hadn't cooked in a long while :D..anyway i cleaned out the fridge also then set out to preparing ma soups, i was suprised i still remembered how to cook them sef. just as i finished the cooking, my best friend came around, i asked him if he was interested in eating and he said YES!lol.. so i cleaned up the kitchen and made Eba for himself and i 'cos i was starving,i hadnt eaten since i went to the market around 10am and it was already 8pm...I served the food and we started eating, he just kept commenting bout how awesome the food tasted and even i had to admit to myself when i tasted it that i'd done a good enjoyed the meal, watched Kevin Hart's 'Seriously Funny' and relaxed a bit b4 he went home. The silly boy took a pic of the food and put it as his status then wrote 'perfect timing' as his status felt gud wen i saw it tho...During the week about 3 of ma other male friends ate ma soups and commended it. I also took some of the soup with me when i went to visit my mum and warmed it for dinner for them and my dad and brothers couldn't stop licking their fingers, they even asked for more, alas i brought just one bowl. Its practically finished now and i'm dreading going to the market to get foodstuff to make some other soups.
I'm happy 'cos i've been eating healthy since my market waka and i made other people happy and filled eating my food. Funny enough though my friends that followed me to the market have not been chanced to eat out of it and they are so gonna beef me when i tell them its finished ehn!!lol...make dem no vex...

I should make Efo Elegusi  and Ila Alasepo later sha..i hope i'm chanced to go to the market tho...thanks t my Zaria trips i don't have my weekends to myself, i was able to do the last market runs 'cos it was a Sallah holiday period, so i dint have to go school.

Anyway!!till me next cooking post..toodles!!!xOxO

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  1. don't worry i'll spoil u when i come ova

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