Wednesday, 16 November 2011

You've been Hacked!!!

Not you. Well actually my sister was hacked on Saturday. It was not a nice experience. I had just gotten back from Zaria, i was exhausted from ma 3hour journey and the traffic we had been stuck in for about 1hour before entering the City. I got to my friends place to pick up some laundry he had helped me collect while i was away. Oh and did i forget to mention that i held the urge to pee for this 3hours and the heat was crazy.. so u can understand or relate to how i was feeling. I rushed into the house and eased myself, i checked my phone later while trying to sort my stuff out just to see some bbm messages from ma cousin in Canada, she was complaining bout some pics my sister put on facebook (fb). 
I had seen a notification earlier that my sister had tagged me in a picture but i couldnt be bothered to check 'cos i was exhausted from my journey, but after i saw those messages from my cousin i had to know wat d pic was. I have about 1500 + friends on fb, people i have met in various places and some even on fb so i could not afford to be tageed in just any sort of picture. My sister on the other hand has just about 90 something friends 'cos she's hardly ever on fb by the way.

I called my sis after chatting with my cousin for a bit who told me they were nude intimate pictures my sister had posted. I could not believe 'cos my sister is soooooo not that kinda person, like i said she's hardly ever on fb in the first place. 

My sis was sooo pissed when i was talking to her that i was like the 10th person calling to ask her 'bout the pics and she had not even been of fb for about a month. She said it was more annoying that she did not even have internet access to get into her account and remove the pics. I offered to help her do it since i was the one who had opened her fb account and yahoo account for her.

We had no clue just how bad it really was!!
Apparently she had received a mail from fb and yahoo about some kinda password change or something and my sis doesn't bother herself bout stuffs like this so she dint even attend to the mail, unlike me that i'm all security conscious and all.

Anyway, i tried to access her fb account with the username and password she had given me but it kept bouncing (i was doin all this on my phone so imagine how frustrating it was), i then tried the forgot password option so they could send another password to her box and i could delete the 'explicit' pics and they rejected the yahoo account. I decided to log into the yahoo and find out wat was goin on,but yahoo rejected  the password also. That was when it dawned on me that my sis had been hacked. Luckily tho since i was the one that opened the account for her i had used my email address as her alternate email. I tried the forgot password option for yahoo and put in my email...then they mailed me a new password. Just then i got a mail from yahoo to confirm if i should be deleted as an alternate email from my sisters account and then i got another mail to confirm some strange email address as her alternate email. That was when i realized that the hacker was still at work, but had a made a fatal mistake of adding the alternate email  'cos now i knew the email address of the person behind the whole thing.

I removed the strange email address and reconfirmed my email address as the alternate email, then i logged into my sister's yahoo account with the mail yahoo had sent me then changed her yahoo password. Before all this while i was still having issues with logging into both accounts, i had untagged myself in the picture the hacker had tagged me in and blocked my sister's account and i had told my cousin in canada to report my sister's account so they would block it.

I tried to log into my sister's account with the new password i had gotten and they told me i had to log in on a computer and bla bla bla 'cos my cousin had reported the account.

I did not have a system with internet access so i called my cousin to log in and deactivate the account and i would sort it out as soon as i got internet access. This was around 12 midnight, i was finally able to shower and go to bed. I got an internet stick the next day and got to work. I re-activated the account and increased all her security features,contact info,etc deleted all the pics the hacker had put up...then checked for the people the hacker had added and blocked every one of them then deleted the message correspondences, imagine the person had been having some nasty explicit chats with those people!!

After that i posted an apology message on her wall and told her friends the account had been hacked. i sent her the new details of the accounts and told her to be more careful with her password and then i sent her the email address that had tried to boot me out as my sister's alternate email. She recognized the email address immediately as her ex-boyfriend's!!!! imagine!! All this drama i had gone through, it was her ex-boyfriend at work!! Some may say oh it was just nude pics, but my concern was my sis had family members as friends and most of them had called her about the pics and if u know how Nigerian family members are, u'd know that some would not even bother calling to find out what's goin on before reporting the parents and then its gonna be a totally different drama from there, plus this asshole had accepted friend  requests and was chatting about having sex with them and what not!

I adviced her to beware of the guy sha, (i couldn't do more than i had already done). She later called me that she had confronted the guy and he said although that was is email address, he had also been hacked and was no longer using that addy. Do u think he's telling the truth? I don't.

It wasnt a nice experience all in for y'all out there u need to up the security on ur social networking sites and e-mail addresses before its hacked into and u're ridiculed or worse.

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  1. too crazy!!and people wonder y i'm soooo careful with my password

  2. I think we should also be wary of giving our passwords out to the people we are dating, all in the name of love. A guy I was dating once insisted that we should exchange passwords to our email and Facebook accounts and i blatantly day I left my laptop and internet running while i went to use the loo, by the time I returned this guy was already reading through my yahoo messenger chat...sneaky fellow! That cause a lot of friction in the relationship which died a natural death cos I can't stand snoops.

  3. That's just sick. what's he to gain from doing that?


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