Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Happy Birthday!!!! Les twins!!

artwork by Jeanne
JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE LES TWINS (two of my online captivators)!!!

8th Wonder by ChocolatMood

Two-of-a-kind individuals, united from the soul;
bound together by a shared purpose to achieve a common goal.

Precious gifts of the womb, emerging from the same seed;

like Yin and Yang, each fulfilling what the other needs.

Two sides of one coin, yet not quite the same;

exquisite objets d’art with exotic eyes and untamed manes.

A pair of tall, majestic pillars, with a bold sense of style;

the 8th Wonder of the world, spreading awe for thousands of miles.

One is a fierce Beast, as graceful as a gazelle;

the other a Blaze of glory, firing up the dancing trail.

With inspiration from MJ, they take the world by storm;

mediocrity never exists when pure excellence is the norm.

artwork by alli

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