Friday, 16 December 2011

Congrats Yagazie Emezi Francisca on your graduation!!

As whoever read my blog may know i have online captivators (i.e. those who have caught and kept my attention on the worldwide web. go here to read bout that (

Its the Graduation of one of my online captivators, Yagazie Emezi Francisca, and although these past few weeks have been crazy for me, particularly today, cos of an event we are planning at my place of work. I find it necessary to express my happiness and joy about her graduation!! I'm really pleased for especially for scaling through her Statistics exam. I'm also awaiting my results and i hope its good news!

My boss must not catch me posting this so i'm typing in a hurry, therefore pardon my typos.
Congrats Yaga!!!!!!Better things are still to come....Cheers Babay (Igbo accent)!!lol.. Back to work for me.
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