Thursday, 11 October 2012

Me & Ma Boo

Soo...u all know me by now. i can procrastinate for the world. I have numerous draft posts yet to be completed. I won't bother making any promises, when i complete them u will see them u here. Shikena. That said, i'm in a good place at the moment and just wanted to share my joy with y'all here but i'm not gonna give too many details sha (typical me ba?....gigggles..yh with it). I recently started dating this wonderful guy and this is the most serious relationship i have had in a long time. I have been hurt before and detach myself when in relationships, the previous ones haven't lasted long and i'm usually the one to end it sef. Moving on...i really like this guy and i hope it all works out. He makes me happy and i think about him all the time (yes! ALWAYS), even when he upsets me, i know it may not make sense to some of u but it does to me. I'm all about being the best person i can be for me, but he also makes me wanna be that best person for him. I just wanna make him happy and drown him with all my stored up me that i used to be all about i'm hardcore and love is overrated. anyways this is a piece of what i'm feeling at the moment and where i am. God help us *fingers crossed. Thanx 4bearn with me and my truant ways of bloggin; till my next posts come up...
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