Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Deepbrown & Kinks: Rainy Season Protective Styles (Featuring Me!!!)

I got my hair (no extensions) hooked up be Miss NatMane some weeks back and i totally loved and rocked the do! Igot so many compliments on how refreshing it was to see a chic without a weave (even from weave addicts!..lol) and how nice the hair looked on me. I styled it in a no. of different ways and it was very easy to work with. Natmane also gave me some tips on how to take even better care of my hair and i'm already trying out some and loving the results!Merci mademoiselle, looking forward to another stlye hookup with ya. Check out Deepbrown & Kinks: Rainy Season Protective Styles:  for the post and here are some pics on how i rocked the style. Oh and before i forget, my boo kept making jokes about how small and cute my head is and saying he did not know i had no 'Ogo' (pronounced back head...lool). 

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  1. very neat and nice braids.



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