Wednesday, 15 October 2014

One of the best Birthday gifts i feel i've ever given

if i do say so myself (i'm not being corny y'all).lol. Seriously i 'hunt' for special gifts to give my friends on their birthdays whenever i have the resources at my disposal sha. The fave gifts i've given so far to me are Spa treats (Hammam specifically-y'all know how i love pampering) and hubby's PS4 + 2games. This is the no. 3-a charcoal painting-and i'm glad my friend lurrveddd it (in her words '#bestpresentievergot'.ok ok.yh now i'm being proud.lool). Thanks the awesome talent of Monsieur Martins. I gave him a piture of my dear friend and he created a beautiful charcoal painting artwork from it, it was so beautiful that i almost kept it for myself even. :D *weird i know but that's how good it is! Here's a pic of the painting. 
You can check out his blog for the different stages involved in creating the piece.
I'd love to have a painting of moi from him sha....(post coming up soon on this-wishes get granted after all).
Please Share it! :)

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