Friday, 24 July 2015

Our Bdays as Hubby & Wifey

My Hubby was born on Dec. 6th while i was born on Dec, 23rd. Last year we celebrated our individual birthdays for the 1st time as a married couple.
Dec 6th- I organized a House Party for hubby for his birthday at our home. We had about 20 friends over with the house prepped with cake, music, food and drinks (soft & alcohol). You all know i love planning parties. I cooked Fried rice, Goat meat peppersoup, Plantain and Peppered Chicken with my friend Ejura helping out (She also baked the birthday cake). There was also Shisha. Sadly i couldn't take pictures 'cos i was so busy. The night was great fun, guys played video games, interesting covos and takeaway food for the guests. It was all a wrap around midnight and time to clean up (the notsofun part) 
Dec 23rd- Hubby made me breakfast in bed to start  my day and then it was responding to calls, messages, social media messages wishing me a happy birthday. He arranged a surprise candlelit dinner for the two of us with my kinda food and wine that was as sweet as i love it, We got all dolled up and enjoyed an intimate time with each other. My friend Talatu came to visit with a nice gift and my friends Praisel & Ermy had organized with hubby to get me a nice perfume. I was really touched *biggrin* that even though one of them wasn't in Nigeria and the other was in another state, they still put so much effort to make my day and then i also got gifts in the new year from friend's that were outta town during my bday (This is a norm 'cos my birthday is around Christams period and a lot of people travel around this time). Every gal loves gifts so having gifts was great!!!lol. Hubby didn't get me a cake though and i was used to getting cakes even if its just cupcakes (yes i am a spoiled sweet-tooth) so that was a lil bummer. I let him know though and he made up for it during Val's day *biggrin*:D. He also got me an HTC Desire Eye as my belated birthday gift some months ago. I absolutely love the phone and i'm now an Android convert, gonna do a review on it soon
almost a smiley face breakfast
Long Distance Gift <3 td="">

I can't believe i'm now 25years old!!! getting older by the second, I can remember when i was 18yrs old. Oh well, we all gotta grow right, can't complain about where i am in life, gonna count my blessings and keep working towards my goals.
Husband and Wife are really just tags. We are having fun living together as two individuals who have made vows and are committed to each other. There is no hurry here to fit into roles or 'grow up', whether we like it or not we'll eventually have to so why rush it instead of enjoying the company of one another and our youth (isn't that one of the perks of marrying early? oh well *shrugs). I feel this is where most people miss it and get strung up while trying to live up to expectations that come with the newly acquired titles of Husband/Wife. I may be wrong but not getting caught up in the titles and expectations, myths etc. that come with them has been working great so far.
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    1. You know, you make marriage so interesting! I absolutely love your perspective!

  2. Archie dear how we go do na, we go dey this marriage tin for the next 50+ years ooo, *if Christ tarries and God granting us long life. Gotta make it interesting, make frustration no kill person. tnx sweerie :* u r far too kind


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