Thursday, 31 December 2015

Au Revoir 2015

"I love December, its the month of Christmas, hubby's birthday, my birthday, holiday from work, last month of the year and usually full of weddings and events. *bigGrin. This December though, the Nigerian people and Economy is suffering from 'Buharitisis' a.k.a money no dey in circulation. Since Buhari became the Presido, contracts haven't been issued (people dey fear), sack letter dey flow like water, $ rate don almost reach 300 naira (lets not talk about Pounds), thieves have been caught (i like this sha, the Dokpesi's, Dasuki's and their fellow barawos-i just hope justice prevails eventually), fuel scarcity, etc."
Its the last day in 2015, with all the good and bad the year dished out, i'm grateful to be alive, healthy and to have been able to tick some things off my To-Do list. I already have a list for the new year. When there is Life, there is hope. I am able to count my many blessings and thank God for them and my friends, family and relatives. Hubby & I celebrated our birthdays this month and got to celebrate Christmas with family and friends which i loved. I also attended quite a number of events and weddings {u guys know i love weddings :)}
I wish us all a great 2016, may our dreams become reality and the purpose of God for our lives; i pray for peace in our lives, cities & towns, countries and the world at large. 
Happy New Year in advance!!! Stay safe.
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