Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016!!
2015 basically sped by mehn, quite some adventures and experiences and i can't believe Jan 1st, 2016 is almost over too. I'm grateful and thankful for everything, both negative and positive 'cos they all taught me something. I'm glad to be alive and healthy with hubby as well as the people in my life to experience the new year. I did a brief post here on the past year. My To-Do list for the new year is already piling up and i'm loving it. Google Keep App is my best for making lists on my phone and trust me i have a list for EVERYTHING! (gonna do a post on my love for lists soon).
I'm positively expectant for what the new year has in store and honestly there are just minor modifications to my plans for this year compared to those of 2015. We will be celebrating our 2nd year wedding anniversary and i'm definitely looking forward to that. 

"I wish us all a great 2016, may our dreams become reality and the purpose of God for our lives; i pray for joy,happiness, peace and love in our lives, cities & towns, countries and the world at large."
Live, Learn, Love, Laugh.

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