Thursday, 25 February 2016

New Phone!!HTC Desire Eye

front view
side view
I have gone through my fair share of Blackberry phones- Bold 3, Bold 5, Bold 6.
The Blackberry Bold 6 was the last one i used before i hung my BB boots n fully joined d android train and it was long overdue for a change. It had battery issues, was restarting/freezing at will, the touch screen/scroll pad had a mind of their own *SIGH! u catch my drift. I had joined briefly with my Nexus 4 but neva got to fully experience it before it was stolen. 
I now have the HTC Desire Eye (light blue color) thanks to my lovely hubby. He got it for me along with a Dot Case sometime in June 2015 as a late birthday gift (I got him the One+2 android phone for his birthday, so he was trying to match He did the techie research part on the phone and decided it would be the best for me, all i wanted was a phone with an awesome camera.
Verdict on my new phone-Great Choice & Purchase!! Loving it so far.
The hardest part for me migrating to an android phone is the data plan, it is pricey! n i definitely miss my 1k5 per month Blackberry data plan. I go through at least about N4,030 (4030mb) monthly for data 'cos i end up renewing twice a month. I have learnt to manage my data usage better though, i monitor it n use strictly wifi for data zapping apps and i've been able to reduce my data cost to N2,015 (2015mb MTN data plan). I DO NOT miss my Blackberry.
It was easy transferring my contacts, the phone had a setup for me to do that via bluetooth. What i had issues with transferring was my notes, i had to manually copy and mail them to myself. I installed the Google keep app to resolves this issue in the future so i can easily access my notes if i change phone. I'm not a fan of memory cards as i have had too many crash on me n loose my data, in cases where i did not backup. I just manually copied selected music n pics directly to d phone memory. Apps and Updates take wayy too much internal storage space though.
DotView case on
I totally love dis phone, only complains are there isn't much internal storage and the pricey MTN data plan. You can reduce data consumption by selecting 2G mode when the phone is not in active use and by disabling background data for apps and autosync. I do app updates only over wifi and use data consuming apps like Snapchat, IG, Youtube on it. You can monitor ur apps to see which uses the most data.
what is Other??!
Hubby also got me a 64GB memory card to solve the storage issue (he knows i love taking pics and vids), the 1st one (Transend brand) crashed but the 2nd one (Sandisk brand) has been working just fine. I still backup my phone regularly on my laptop though, so i don't lose my data, in case my memory card crashes again or my phone gets stolen, etc.
Asides dat i'm a happy bunny. 
Favorite feature on the phone-13 mega-pixel front facing camera with flash.
Favorite phone accessory- My HTC earphones and Dot View Case Get instant access to your phone, without even opening the case. HTC Dot View lets you use voice controls, answer calls, receive email notifications, schedule reminders, get weather updates and more (some features not available on all phones). We've also added some secret surprises that are sure to make you smile.
Change the way you use your phone with the dual-purpose case that combines form and function.
Some DotView Features:
- Redial recent calls with a swipe up
- Review notifications by swiping left or right
- Skip songs or pause playback
- Personalize your HTC Dot View with theme
- Play games
- Display a scrolling message
- Turn on your speaker during a phone call
- Control the flashlight and voice recorder (only available with Sense 7 or later)
- Snooze alarms
I have quite a no. of apps on my phone, some came with the phone while i installed the rest. Here's a list of my current active apps:
Social Media
  • BBM
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Swarm
  • Foursquare
  • Skype
Camera/Photo Editing
  • Camera 360
  • VSCO
  • PicPlayPost
  • Layout for IG
  • Repost
  • PicMix
  • Photoshop Express
  • Youtube
  • VLC
  • Flipgram
  • Devotion
  • Bible
  • Duolingo
  • Byki 
  • Dictionary
  • Yoruba Dictionary
  • Google Translate
  • Gmail
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Play Music (i need another music app though, this one keeps erasing my playlists at will)
  • Calendar
  • Google Keep
  • Office Suite
Battery Saver
  • DU Speed Booster
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Subway Surf
  • Sudoku
  • Wordsearch
I cracked my phone screen sometime in December when it dropped screen first on a concrete floor, normally the case would have protected it but it was torn (someone pulled at the case till it got a tear in it and it just got worse from there till the front part of the case completely ripped off) and not covering the screen properly and i'd been managing it like that.I have now gotten a screenguard and new Dot View phone case (rily loving the color, i believe its raspberry, my former one was blue) to prevent any more cracks and dents on my preciousssss *in smiggles voice* lol.
I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone looking to get an android phone. Click here for more in-depth technological information on the phone.
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