Thursday, 4 February 2016

Plantain Lover/Addict

I have a confession. My name is Tosin and i am a Plantain a.k.a Dodo lover/addict. lol. It is this serious guys, i had to dedicate a post to my beloved Plantain, never has there been a purer love than this. *dreamysigh*
Ripe Plantain
I can honestly eat plantain all day everyday. I don't think i have ever wasted any meal/snack made with plantain and i get upset when people do. I can't even explain my love for plantain, whether na the taste o or the texture or how e dey belleful me. Walahi i no know. I even had to ask my mum and her explanation was that when she was pregnant with me, her no. 1 craving was plantain and cocoyam chips and she would snack on them all the time. Sooo e be like sey dis love na from womb and cocoyam got cheated. I was a bit sad when i found out plantain is mostly made up of carbohydrates but then again its still a good source of fibre, Vitamin A& C and has a lil protein in there so all join. You can buy plantain from the market Unripe (Green) or Ripe (Yellow + Black)
Unripe Plantain
Here are a couple of the ways i enjoy and switch up my plantain diet and i am still hunting for more *wide grin*:
  • Unripe plantain porridge
  • Ripe plantain porridge
  • Fried Plantain eaten with meals or alone
  • Diced fried plantain  mixed in salad
  • Boiled Plantain with sauce
Gizdodo in the preparation process
  • Gizdodo (basically diced and fried gizzard and plantain mixed in a pepper sauce)
  • Deep fried Gizdodo dumplings
  • Asundodo (basically asun a.k.a smoked/roasted/grilled & peppered goat meat and fried diced plantain mixed in a pepper sauce)
  • Sausagedodo (basically diced and fried sausages or chicken franks and plantain mixed in a pepper sauce)
  • Boli (Roasted/Grilled plantain) and peanut butter or groundnut 
  • Beans/Yam/Sweet potato/Potato and Plantain porridge (Walahi porridge tastes best when its got some plantain in it! just try it)
Plantain moi-moi
  • Plantain moi moi (basically blended plantain spiced up and steamed in a cupcake pan in the oven)
Fried Mosa balls with sauce & yaji
  • Mosa (basically blended plantain spiced up and deep fried. I make dis when my plantain is overripe)
  • Dodo Ikire
  • Plantain Pancake (basically blended plantain with some flour or oats added and fried like a pancake
  • Plantain cookies
Plantain muffins
Plantain muffins (inside)
  • Plantain muffins
Check out different recipes for the above on Dooney's Kitchen and join me on my journey to finding more plantain recipes and please share any you may have with me in the comments section.

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