Saturday, 17 September 2016

Capital Naturals (Natural Hair Meetup!!) August

I made sure I set a reminder on my phone, just like the last time, as soon as the new date for the meetup got out. Saturday morning came and my alarm went off to remind me of the meetup.I was up early, dolled up, visited a friend (with hubby) that recently gave birth, and thereafter went to my friend's house which is close to the meetup venue. No excuse (i.e laziness) to miss this meetup. The last meetup i attended was in May so this was my 3rd Meetup, i'm becoming a regular at attending meetups and loving it.

I had washed my hair earlier in the week and wore it in 4 separate three-strand braids under a scarf to my friend's house. 
Hairstyle Inspirations from YouTube:
Easiest hairstyle ever! it took me literally 'bout 5-7 mins to create my version of the style with 7 bobby pins and 2 hairbands. I loved the result and wore it for one more day, i would have worn it for longer but it wasn't comfortable to sleep with *sad face*.
Bobby Pins (The Star of my Hairdo as usual)
Tied scarf to flatten ma coils (no gel)
Channelling Minnie Mouse 
Feel Maself wit Eju & Matching my tote bag
Full Outfit
I got there while Natmane gave a talk on Hair loss (as usual i'm always superlate, i'm sure a lot went down before my arrival, i'm working on being punctual) and it was very informative and there was an interactive Q& A session after that. The session covered a variety of topics, from Menopause, Maintaining the Hairline, Older women and preference for short hair, Nutrition & its effect on hair, hairstyles, etc.
She's a Certified Trichologist so if u have any hair issues book a consultation with her.

Natural Nigerian a.k.a NN gave a brief talk as usual with statistics on our monetary influence in the Hair industry/market and buying Nigerian and its benefits (promotes research, improvement on product output, packaging, etc.). I agree with her just as before and my caveat remains- Buy Nigerian from authentic people who use genuine materials like 'Natural Nigerian' and who have a true love and pride for their trade/craft and are not out to just extort us. Such business 100% deserve our support, motivation and patronage.
She enlightend us on the need to research products, mostly foreign ones we may want to purchase as we they may be available locally just that we call them by local names, she also talked on the need to appreciate our own local natural products instead of waiting for foreigners to promote them before embracing them, she mentioned quite a no. of locally produced plants and oils that we don't know are produced locally and go through the stress of importing e.g. Neem Oil is from Dongoyaro plant, Sesame oil is from the Sesame Seeds/Beniseed, Hibiscus is Zobo, etc.
Someone contributed that what we need to take care of ourselves (body, hair, etc.) will most likely be found in our geographic location if we will only take the time to do the needful research and i kinda agree.
Nikes' (a.k.a Screwy Haired Girl) Discussion Session-This was honestly my favorite session because it was very interactive. The discussion touched a wide range of topics-Tips for new naturals and transitioners, products-local vs foreign; experiences using different types of products for your hair, DIY vs Salon hair maintenance and the benefits, Perception of Natural hair by people especially men and at the workplace, reorienting our minds to embrace our natural hair and learning to care for it, different causes of product sensitivity (the product may not be 100% what it claims to be, it might be contaminated or improperly processed, etc.), developing the ideal hair regimen for your hair, General Hair Typing and its uses, Men and their natural hair, challenges of having and maintaining natural hair and after all these being able to keep in mind that 'Its just hair' so we don't get overwhelmed and consumed by it.
All in all it was a lovely crowd as always and I had a really good time, i was there till the very end.
Hubby also loved my hairdo which was motivated by the meetup.
Goofing around after a long day
As the flyer states, there was free hairstyling for those that were interested.
There was also Free Hair Consultation with NatMane (Certified Trichologist) for a select few earlybirds and there were different hair products by different vendors on sale as usual.
Check out posts on my last Capital Naturals meetup and being a Wig Newbie. My hair has been out for quite a while now (over a month) and i've been enjoying playing with it and styling it. I plan on doing a post on the different natural hairstyles i have rocked with pics and my current hair regimen so watch out for that.
As always i enjoyed a socializing, enlightening and rewarding time! The meetup had a mixed crowd of those with natural hair, relaxed hair, weaves, braids, and transitioners so please know that everyone is welcome, at the end of the day the aim is for us to learn the best way to approach our hair, skin, nutrition and ultimately live a better life.

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