Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I feel a bit guilty when i put up my posts for activities and events i take part in 'cos i'm sure you guys would have like to attend or be a part of some of them especially those that are open to everyone. I have therefore decided to put up posts whenever i can ahead of activities and events so that anyone interested can attend.
Mark your Calendars ma peoples! Here are the events i'm looking forward to attending for the rest of September and Beginning of October (by God's Grace):

1. Fashion Focus x Creative Hustle by LFDW 2016 and British Council {SEPT 21-22}
Find out more about this from here and here


3. One Environment 5000 Tree Planting Project & Clean Up {OCT 1ST}

4. Abuja Grill Fest {OCT 1ST}

5. JamRock {OCT 1ST}

6. WedExpo {OCT 7-9}

Oct 1st is really full thanks to it being Independence Day and a weekend, i'm sure there are even more activities i 'm not aware of yet. Check out my post on interesting things to do in Abuja.
If i find out about events early enough i will do a post to let you guys know otherwise Check out IG (Social Media) and the links below for other upcoming events, trainings and conferences in Abuja:
Knowledge is Power.
Please Share it! :)


  1. Thanks for this dear! I know I've missed all of them, but I'm marking all those pages you listed. I've found myself lacking events to attend these days cos the friend I attend with has left the country 😭 I need to amp up my social life and also find events to cook for and have a stand!

    1. @Ummi U're welcome. lol @missed all of them. eeya, sorrii @ur friend leaving. Please come out oo so u can find events like you said, if you know early enough u can contact them and get a stand. Abuja needs to taste Ummi's Gourmet Food!


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