Monday, 30 January 2017

2016 Fashion Trends

I am not a trendy person. I just don't follow trends. I follow or incorporate fashion i like and feel fits me. I recall back in Uni big (abortion belts) belts, 'Drivers' Shoes and gypsy skirts were some of the biggest trends.
I think 'Peplum' is one of my all-time fave trends. Comfort is an important aspect of my fashion style.
There are so many trends these days, i wonder how proper fashionistas keep up. In 2016, i was more aware of the existing trends thanks to Instagram and some sites i frequent. The ones that stood out to me the most were:
  • Chokers
  • Velvet Turbans
  • Off-Shoulder Tops & Dresses
  • Bell Sleeves
  • Fringe
Chokers-The only trend out of the above i just wasn't feeling was the 'Choker' trend. I really am not a fan of neck jewellery talkless of chokers. I find them restrictive and it feels like a weight is on me when i do wear them. I can't imagine how i'd feel wearing chokers. I'm just not about that life. They look really cute on some people tho. 
Velvet Turbans- I believe this is a Nigerian trend and you can spice it up by using a brooch with it. I like this trend because i'm a huge fan of head wraps and i now have a use for my abandoned velvet dresses and wrappers. Remember when Velvet aso-ebi was the trend ba. I still wear some of my Velvet wrappers but some others can hardly fit me or i'm just not loving the style i sewed with them any longer. 
I repurpose these outfits and cut out my velvet strips to my preferred size and use them. Saves me buying countless colorful velvet turbans that will go out of style again eventually.
Off-Shoulder Tops & Dresses- I have early on been a fan of my shoulder and collarbone and as a member of the humble-boobed community, i prefer to show them off then a non-existent cleavage. You can therefore imagine that i was really a fan of this trend. It was a bit of a struggle finding a balance though, 'cos i don't like to have my back out. I think is till rocked the trend. 
Some people really went all out-like elbow length- with this trend but that's not my cup of tea.
I rock canoe necklines and off shoulder dresses like no tomorrow.

Bell Sleeves- Yasss!! I'm here for this trend, I don't know why but i just find i like it and its pleasing to my eyes. I also like that you can vary the styles to rock the sleeves and it can make an outfit appear casual or glam depending on the style/fabric/length,etc.
Fringe-I have been loving this trend from afar. I can't wait to find a style to debut it. I am quite excited with what i've seen so far though.
Hopefully 2017 will birth more trends i can love. *fingers crossed*

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