Friday, 3 February 2017

Meet My Online Captivators!! {4}

Check out my previous posts on my online faves, i still follow and very much enjoy content from majority of the people i listed.
Thanks to the Holidays my YouTube addiction has kinda intensified plus i'm currently on an unlimited internet subscription plan with Spectranet that i am thoroughly enjoying. You can say YouTube is my valium for now. Once i'm done settling in at home after work, i get comfy, queue my YouTube playlists and enjoy till i doze off. Other times i just use the content to serve my purpose especially exercise & cooking videos.
I've now found some more YouTube channel faves and I thought to share as usual. I'll list them in categories though some of them actually fall into more than one category.
Home & Interior Decor
DIY& Craft
Online Series
Beauty, Makeup & Style
Sex & Relationships
Lifestyle & Inspirational
Food & Cooking/Baking
Check out my 'When i'm bored' Tab for Blogs i enjoy.
Enjoy, be inspired and learn from them. Thank me later.😉

Please Share it! :)


  1. Heylo!

    I love thread banger! Rob is insane and Corrine is the BEST!

    Been following Laura in the Kitchen since 2008! My goodness, I'm old!

    Simply Nailogical is missing a few screws up there. Luckily her husband/fiance is sane enough for two.

    Don't feel bad about your youtube obsession!I also did the spectra net unlimited plan and I'm returning to my internet addiction days. sigh.

    1. @Ummi we r Youtube Soulmates!!xD Corrine is da best!!! i thought i was crazy for enjoying Simply Nailogical's vids. I just rediscovered Laura's channel dint even know i was subscribed to her.
      We need to fight d addiction, i'm getting sleep

    2. Chk out the McClure twins & lemme know what u think. They make me wanna have twins like tomorrow!


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