Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Where Have I Been?!

I swear it was just the 1st of May and next thing i know its the 31st and June is practically upon us.
I feel like i have been off here for more than just a month though and i feel bad for leaving you guys hanging but i'm sure y'all understand life can do the most when it wants. From mid-April till date my schedule has been ridiculously hectic! It's by God's grace i survived mehn-from work to home, extra-curriculars, events, etc. 
I'm super light and feel unstoppable now though as i 've gotten a lot of things off my to-do list and sorta have a better schedule for June so hopefully y'all will be seeing me on here more. I thought about posting QOTDs or YouTube vids but honestly that would have been me half-assing it 'cos i did about 2 posts like that towards the end of April just to make up for my absence.
Thanks to my 'Just Do It' motto for the year, my aim is to try to churn out 4 posts monthly on average, basically 1 post a week and i couldn't keep up this month though the motto has positively helped my procrastinating attitude in other things.
I feel like i'm back on track today though, if y'all will still have me-i know you will 😁. I have so mannnyyy posts in my drafts, its just for me to find time to complete them or add pics and then publish for your viewing pleasure, so bear with me biko.
I'm feeling quite ready for the new month 'cos yesterday i got some major cooking outta the way and today i got some work tasks &mails out of the way, sorted out my laundry, paid house bills, renewed my internet subscription, submitted some important forms, updated our home budget, got my house cleaned thoroughly and i'm finally blogging!
I know how it feels when bloggers don't put up posts and I really missed being on here, so let's hi5 it out✋πŸ™Œ and never be apart for this long againπŸ˜™.
It really is never too late to get in the swing of things, even if its on the last day of the month. lol.
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