Monday, 26 July 2010

Fun! the weekend was loads of fun..went out wit me gal n friends to smoke some shisha(felt so good) bin long i tried it and we got to do a lot of catching i got to sleep till really late on saturdayhung out wit ma best friend and he took me all the way can't ask for a better friend really,he got to see the new house and spared me a lotta stress...finally got to c ma siblings after two long weeks, apparently me smallest 1 had missd me a lot 'cos he jumped on me before i even came in the gate or maybe it was 'cos i brought the SFC chicken and chips i had promised him,anyways it felt good to see them all again.After settling down weall ate and chatted and watched some yoruba movies,mum was away so we had the generator on till real late. Sunday was cool too....had a lot of washing piled up since before my Lagos trip so did all that (the biggest pile v ever handled in my life) after conquering it with big help from ma fave cuz,exfoliated,had a warm oil bath 4gt to add salts,gt a pedicure & manicure,etc all dat girly suff i haven't had time to do in a while and it felt so so so so good,then did some pounding and God was very faithful to hold the rains and send some sun so almost all me clothes got dry,jisted with mumc when she got back for very long,watched some T.V,sorted out my clothes for the week for town and tidied up my wardrope,woke up early this morning,gt dressed for work and mum dropped me off saving me some cab cash and rain drops... Today so far..doing some research,bin about my social networks,chatted with my friend keiko and i'm happy 'bout what we chatted on.....hmm... hmm..balanced ma shoe debtors accounts and organised the bills i got and wat i gotta do for the far all is good.wat can i say..
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