Monday, 27 June 2011

Mellow Weekend!!

My weekend was not as stressful as usual, in fact it was fun! I got a free fun ride to sch (Zaria) on Thursday evening and got there just in time(before the curfew). I was able to sleep well and relax and do a bit of self care (nails, etc). I had a test for Saturday so i studied till it was time for my classes in d evening, and i got a ride from my friend (such a darl). Class was interesting, i got a ride again from school home, i had dinner at a new place a bit far from the house, their Chapman had watermelons,pineapples and banana in it!! and it tasted real nice! I got home and watched 'Despicable Me' (i love it!) till i dozed off. I woke up much later around 12:30 am ish, ate some food and read till God knows what tym!! i stopped reading when i was happy with the progress i had made and knew i could cover the rest in the morning. I knew i had to get some sleep so that's what i did. I woke up around 6:20am!! I had to rush 'cos my class was for 7am. Anyway i made it in time for class (yay!!) and the test went very well. I got a ride back to Abuja after classes and we stopped over at Food Palace in Kaduna to eat, the food was nice and plenty!! (yes i'm a grub or elebi!) lol...we got to Abuja around 4:30/5pm. 
I've been meaning to go shopping for a while so that's what i did, taking along ma hot and stylish galfriends (Mel, Eju and Chide) to help out. I got nice tins and a beauuurrrriiifffuuulll blue sexy lingerie TMI sowii *evil grin and they also got some stuffs. 
So so my shopping list has reduced and tins are getting ticked off the list!! We came back and chilled, then i went to get ma Ipad from ma friend. My friend (Toni Anni) had left me some nice tins!! i love that gal! I'll put up pics later or nah. I went to Church on Sunday and just relaxed throughout!
I definitely woke up on the right side of the bed today ;)
The weekend was stress-free, very mellow unlike my usual Hippity-hop weekends....PEacEful.
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