Thursday, 30 June 2011

Pampering Me!! MB Hammam (Ladies Spa)

I believe in pampering myself o!! taking breaks, going on vacations, etc. I don't believe in storing and storing money for some 'rainy day'. I believe in having savings o, dont get me wrong but some people believing in saving all their money and not spending on themselves at all!!! Ko JO Mehn! I mean who are you storing up all the money for? kids? husband? even the bible says Love ur neighbour as thyself meaning u gotta love urself 1st b4 u can love ur neighbor or kids and husband as the case may be.
Anything can happen, one could die or something could happen to occupy u that u may not have time for urself anymore. I have taken opportunities to go on trips whenever i can and to enjoy myself. I have been to Singapore, Dubai and Ghana which is actually just the beginning of my trips 'cos i intend to tour the World, 1 Country in each Continent or more if possible. The next place on my mind to visit is London or Turkey, i have not made up ma mind yet sha and my Kudi (money) must be complete.
I split up my income into savings and spendings (transportation, clothing, eating, leisure) and lucky for me i get dashed money a lot so i dont really spend my income (as people think) most of it is actually saved up or used to buy assets (e.g Land) 'cos i believe strongly in investing and saving towards my future, i just dont believe in saving ALL of it. I spoil my siblings and folks as much as i can when i can. I dont know if i will always be around to do that so why not. Anyway that is not the KOKO of this post. 
This post is about my visit to MB Hammam (click to go to their site), a ladies only spa in Zone 4, i first found out about this spa through a free monthly edition of AbujaTop25 in 2008. I was just perusing the articles in the book when my attention was caught by a morrocoan spa, i'm one who has enjoyed quite a few pleasures of pampering and i love spas and reading 'bout them even if i don't go there. 
I had been thinking of what to do for my mum for her birthday, in my own opinion my mum is the best mum in the world, we may have our lil dramas but our communication has improved so much over the years that i can't help but croun her 'Best Mama', we are more like sisters now, i can tell her about male friends,fights,money issues, etc. though there are some 'things' i cant talk to her as per Mother levels and all but those are not really relevant.
I decided i was going to give her a Spa pampering treat, she needed it, she had been taking care of 4kids, myself included, driving to and fro a long distance in traffic to work, a deacon in church, etc. She really did not have time for herself.
I booked a Royal Hammam for her, it included a massage, Hammam bath (u can Google it, its popular in Morrocco), etc. I took her there on her birthday, she made me change our booking twice (annoying), we finally made it there and i was pleased with the outcome, i picked her up about 3hours or so later and she was gleaming and glowing andyapping on and on about how she had enjoyed herself and how she had seen the dirt scrubbed out of her body and how good she felt and bla bla bla...I was happy i had made her day apart from the other gifts my siblings and i had given her, she got to have some pampered time to herself. Anyway since then and the amount of times she had ringed it in my ears, i decided i also wanted a taste of all she had  jabbered into me.

On Thursay, the 2nd of June, i decided my 4hours to and fro in traffic had taken its toll on my spine. I decided it was time for me to get a massage and where else if not my MB Hammam that i'd been dreaming about *big grin*. I called their  line which unlike normal Nigerian lines was functioning!!1st progress, i booked an appointment and i was there on time.
I have to intimate you with the experience to get a feel of it, so here it goes:
I was welcomed with a smile from a fresh skinned Morrocoan (her skin was too fresh and smooth mehn), i told her what i wanted and she called somebody to attend to me, i was ushered into a room where i changed into a robe, comfy rubber slippers and got a shower cap on my head.
I was taken to a steam room where i stayed for some minutes, i was given lime water while in there. After that i was given a warm bath and led to the massage room, the ambiance in the room was warm and relaxing and the room was scented (i love scents). I laid down on the table and this smooth indescribably so hands soothed all the tension in my body away, i wish i had gone with an Ipod or something 'cos music would have made the experience orgasmic. 
I was massaged with Argan Oil,soothing and felt like it was melting into my body. I was massaged back and front!! After the massage i was left to 'simmer' under a cloth, which extremely soothing, i almost slept off! i left after a while feeling as tho i were strolling in heaven. I got home and narrated my beautiful experience to my friends..yeah yeah, they beefed me...My massage cost 8000Naira but it was worth it! I slept better thatn i had in weeks. 
Sadly i had to wake up early the next day 'cos i had to travel to School (Zaria) but i'm used to it anyway and it did not hinder my good feeling.
The best part is, they were doing some sort of raffle draw then and anyway i won!!!!!!!! Yup!! i got a call from them that i was the 10th winner and i can call and book at anytime for my prize (Hammam and a Facial). 

This is the 1st thing i'm ever WINNING and i'm so proud i chose to pamper myself, so don't feel guilty for taking a break, Health is Wealth and a break is necessary for good health.
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