Monday, 13 June 2011

ko e z!

Mehn!! shuttling Zaria(school) and Abuja (work) aint beans! i've been so stressed out! so many tins i want 2blog about but no time. Anyway i've been having a fun experience. I had my Post-Graduate matriculation on Saturday, i did not attend the ceremony tho (i took pics in my cap and gown), instead i spent practically all day at the salon. i got a new full fringe hair do that i'm loving. i look Chinese sha. i'll put up some pics soon. i'm sooo exhausted!! soooo many things i wanna blog about but as soon as i start typing they all run off *smh.
I'm in Zaria on weekends, i come back to Abuja on Sunday and try to get ready for the week(work).I have a pile of laundry to do and i had to carry my natural hair for about a month!i enjoyed rocking it tho even tho i started tying scarves after a while 'cos i was too tired to comb/style it..... that's the update!! 2 of my friends and my cousin are in town from Jand and one of my friends is in town from lag so i gotta find time to see all of them between today and Friday 'cos 4 of dem are only in town for the week and God knows when next i'll see them! (nice timing!) I'm wondering how i'm gonna split myself in 4! i got salsa on wednesday and i got a test to prepare for!

God dey!!
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