Thursday, 14 July 2011

Eko o ni baje o!! (Lagos will not spoil)

O baje ti! (this is usually the response to my topic) This is like a 2nd part to my "When it rains, it pours" post  on the weather condition in Lagos and the flooding. Lagos was not the only place affected though, Places like Katsina, Ogun, etc were also flooded although the rainfall in this places did not last as long as that of Lagos.
Lagos people are die hard can't be slow in Lagos and survive, u gotta be sharp or else... in fact there's no or else!

Even with the rains and all Lagos peeps did not dull!!them still do faaji and sent out some funny bbm broadcasts. Lagos people know how to find a ray of light no matter how thick the darkness is. I'm proud to be a Lagosian (i grew up there). Here are some pics and the bbm messages..Enjoy!!

Lagos State declares Monday 11th of July a public holiday. This is to allow Lagosians go shop for canoes and scuba diving gears, as we all will have to travel on water or underwater this rainy season. Work resumes on Wednesday 12th July. Pls note that all canoes should be registered at the Lagos State Waterways Authority before they hit the waterways, cos the water marshals from LASTMA would arrest unregisterd canoes.
Eko oni baje! Fashola is working, Lagos is sinking!

A woman was found 3houses away from her matrimonial home in another man's bed, when she was asked how she got there, she said it was the flood that carried her there!!LOL. how convenient!
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