Thursday, 21 July 2011

ILL (Tummy Churn)

I'v been ill for the past 3 days and it has not been funny!!!
I hate being ill 'cos i love being independent and doing stuff for myself which being ill makes difficult or impossible. Only God knows what out of the numerous things i ate between Zaria and Abuja made me ill. I got back from Zaria on Sunday night and chilled a bit and then it began... after gisting with Talatu and the peeps... my tummy started to churn real bad!! At first i thot it was just too much gas in my system or the 2rounds of beans(very tasty!!) i had a night before that was acting up. To cut the story short, i could not sleep all night.

DAY 1-Monday
I struggled outta bed in the morning, managed to have my shower and had just finished dressing up wen i started feeling very claustrophobic, the clothes felt too tight and i felt like i was gonna throw up. I hurriedly got out of the clothes and went to the bathroom... I was purging!!!not cool....after a while...i went back again..i was soo weak,could not even stand for too long and dint know what to blame it on outta the variety of things i had eaten during the weekend. I 'pinged' ma boss and informed him of what was going on and that i'd most likely not be coming to work, i also tld ma colleague. when i was starting to feel a lil settled, i went to throw up!! Its been forever since i threwup!! All this time i managed myself. Like i said i hate being handicap.i couldnt eat anything that day. I managed to get outta bed and walk around the house a bit as i know staying in bed only makes me feel worse, then went back to bed tossing and turning and visiting the loo throughout the night.

DAY 2 - Tuesday
I was feeling better but not so much. I managed to have my bath and stayed in bed till round 2pm when my colleague sent me a 'bbm' that they needed a particular document from me!!..*sigh!Why now *rolling eyes...told him there was no problem and i'd find a way to get it to him. 
There was no light!!SHIT!! my laptop was dead KAI!! which kain wahala be dis na! and it was around 12pm, before Talatu and I had our shower and got to Jerry's office it was already 2pm. I managed to finish with the document and send it by 3pm. 
I felt much better, i guess getting outta the house contributed to it. Talatu and i went to Exclusive stores and did a lil shopping and skipping around the n went to Grandsquare where she got their ice-cream that she'd been craving, popcorn and cakes...i could not have ice-cream tho i tasted hers at my own risk...we got home and i slept beta than the previous nights.

DAY 3 - Wednesday
I woke up feeling strong and capable to get to work!! i actually missed my office...i can't stand being idle for long. Going to the office was not gonna happen tho :( thing i knew i was in the loo...WTH!! na e neva do dis my belle yet ni! na wa o....i watched my 'Archer' series with Talatu. we cooked and i managed to put food in my thing i know, she's waking me up around 4pm!!wow!! couldn't believe i slept that long. i had my shower and we went out... I had promised her we were gonna get a pedicure 'cos she's on of those DIY (Do It Yourself ) people and had never gotten one. We went to my famous and trusted 'Mamana" (if this woman handle ya leg ehn!!! walahi u no go 1 walk for ground again!)she's dat gud. We got the pedicure and Talatu was just oohing and aahing while i gave her the 'i told u so look.
We went home from there. i wnt to the loo a few times during the night but not so much.

DAY 4 - Thursday
I woke up feeling very lazy, i had told my boss and colleague the day before that i was gonna come to the office...i struggled out of bed just to discover there was no water!!!! WHY ME!! had i finished all the water with my constant flushing? O.O? c'est pas possible!! anyway no time to waste, i got some water from the storage drum, had ma bath and got ready for work. I got to work a bit late and handled some tasks that had been waiting for me. My boss was quite nice and asked if i was perfectly ok and if not i should go home. I told him i was tired of staying at home and i could handle it. The day has been good so far...i have to say i missed the office wireless connection tho.....

That's that!! I'v not been to the loo all day and i hope it stays that way.
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