Monday, 7 February 2011

Valentine's Day

A time for girls to obtain gifts from guys in the name of love as very few chics give their partners gifts and most times what they give doesn't even compare to what the guy gives her, it can also be referred to as a day when guys can show off their money level by showering their partner or partners as the case may be with gifts ranging from outfits to shoes to perfumes to cars depending on the status of the relationship or where they he hopes it will lead.
There are so many scripts on the Origin of Saint Valentines day, i'll stick to the one i got from wikipedia that it is a day named after one or more Christian Martyrs 'Valentine', and is an annual commemoration held of February 14, which is the day they were buried, for the celebration of love and affection between intimate companions. click here for more info or 'Google' it
So this 'lovers' day is fast approaching, chics are wondering what their guys will get them and how it would compare to what their girlfriends will get, truth be told some see it as a competition and believe it or not people that have a complex or succumb to peer pressure easily go to the extent of 'Val-ing' themselves and pretend it's a guy that sent them the gifts, you'd think this only happens in Secondary Schools but that is not the case, this complex can be seen manifesting itself in Universities and Offices, all in the struggle to 'feel among'..its quite sad.
I have received Valentine gifts twice, tone when i was in school and the other during service. I wasn't expecting the one i got when i was in school but i guess the guys was also under pressure to impress as he had seen his friends buying gifts for their girlfriends,it was nice to receive the gift though. The 2nd one i was expecting though, 'cos i had been dating the guy for a while and i know he's that kind of person that 'represents' also got him gifts also..its easier when the guy is crazy about a particular football club,u just kinda tailor the gifts in that direction so both of you are happy!
Guys also feel the pressure for their gifts to meetup with what their friends are getting their girlfriends,the aim is usually to impress the chic,some even save up for this day,that can be nice,if the gift is an awesome gift and comes from the heart,and could be tacky if u just gonna impress the chic for that day and be broke for the remaining months...
Anyway, as much as i am a girl and i love getting gifts,i would rather get a gift everyday in February except Valentine's day than get a gift on Valentine's day only.
I know a couple of peeps that practice this and i think its cool,they just have fun that day and move on!
If you have no one to 'Val' u, Val urself,take urself out for a drink and some cake and u can go with friends who aren't occupied that day or give urself a treat,u deserve it,but u don't v to mail urself gifts under the guise that its a guy who did,thats just some deep low self-esteem issues coming into play. Love urself, I Love me!
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