Friday, 2 March 2012

Yaaoch Part 2 (Not Really)

Soooo i went to the spa again for my second waxing session and there was no yaooching from me this time. It was just like Smile (my waxer) had said, that after the first time it is not as painful. I went in there during work hours (yh..yh) 'cos i was less busy and my boss was AWOL. I did the same things i did the last time i.e underarms, brazillian. I decided to do my legs too, i.e the lower half, i used to use Veet and it was ok but i was in an experimenting mood and it did not even hurt. It felt like lil pin pricks, i have a high pain threshold anyways so that may have contributed.
This is the longest i've lasted comfortable without needing to shave and if you check the time between my last post and this, you'll see its about a month and some days. I also noticed that my underarms are not as dark as they used to be. yipee!!! anyways, summary is, the procedure did not hurt much and i was done in less than an hour and back to work and i can forget about shaving for about another month. 
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