Thursday, 6 June 2013

Capital Naturals 2 (Natural Hair Meetup!!)

I'm so so excited! i stumbled on a natural nigerians Abuja meetup on Facebook and trust me to follow every link from thereon to get connected *grinning. Anyone who knows me knows i went natural about 4 years back and i have to say i have been loving the journey so far.

My 1st natural hair meetup! can I get a whoop whoop!! Lol. Don’t mind me jare, I’m just super excited ‘cos i unavoidably missed the first meetup (Capital Naturals 1) that Natural Nigerian coodinated in Abuja (and I was not pleased) and I don’t have the luxury of being in Lagos to attend the ones that hold there frequently, I think they are going to their 6th session (Naturals in the City-NITC)!!

I made sure I set a reminder on my phone as soon as the new date for the next meetup got out. Saturday morning came and my alarm went off to remind me of the meetup. I rolled around in bed and thought about missing it but I said NO! i got outta bed, did a few chores and dolled up. I tried to open NN’s facebook page, to get the venue of the meetup on my phone to no avail (MTN!!), luckily I had a modem at hand and was able to check it on my computer. I was getting ready to head out and that’s when my house caretaker knew he’d come and tell me about some plumbing issue in the kitchen! Mba! I must go for this meetup o, I told him I was apparently on my way out and the issue will have to wait till I was back (All these enemies of my hair progress!lol). The venue was The HUT (Plot 20/22 Aminu Kano Crescent, Maitama), and luckily it was not too far from my house. I got there just in time and settled in. I happened to bump into a couple of my friends and that made me feel even more at home amidst the other strangers present. I have to say I learnt quite a lot from the meetup and not just about hair. There was a short presentation on hair science (cuticles, cortex, etc.), a hair turban-ing tutorial by our new Capital stylist (I can’t wait to try her out-here’s her blog link, a makeup tutorial by Omegie (, Hair care tips, a brief talk on Shea butter and Moringa oil, seed and leaves, Questions & answer session and finally it was time to shop till you drop for natural hair products, makeup, t-shirts, etc. I was able to get only a bottle of Moringa oil (which I have been earnestly searching for) ‘cos I forgot my ATM card at home and was low on cash. I was happy with my buy though and got the complimentary cards/flyers of most of the vendors, so I can reach them whenever I need any of their products. I forgot my camera at home also *smh but luckily I was able to capture most of the beautiful faces present with my friend’s camera, I would have been so sad if I did not get any pics. MTN also tried to dull me by messing with my network all day, luckily I was able to get some tweets in about the meetup before the network went totally bonkers! (All these forces sha. My God is bigger than you All in all it was a lovely crowd and I had a good time. I got there at about 1:30pm and did not leave till 6:00pm I think (I was there till err1 left sha). Here are a couple of the things I learnt:
  • Scalp care promotes hair growth
  • Massage your scalp with oil once in a while, it is both relaxing and stimulates the scalp 
  • Wash your hair with your finger pads and not your finger nails Learn to deep condition your hair Keep your hair moisturized (Water->Leave-in conditioner->hair butter/oil)   
  • Don’t use too many products    
  • Discover the regimen and technique that works best for you and stick to it 
  • Don’t Backcomb your hair {combing downward from the tip of your hair (ends) to the root (edges)}   
  • Essential oils are very potent (never use alone!!) and a few drops should be mixed in other normal oils before us  
  • Don’t rub your hair vigorously while towel drying
  • The source of your shea butter/other products matters!!! Some may have biological matter! Check NN’s post on her experience ( follow this link for answers to your shea butter questions (

Moringa Oil -cost 
Oh and before I forget NN (Natural Nigerian) is such a sweet, straight-forward person, enjoyed my brief chat with her. Watch out for the Pics,, i intend to get them from my friend (Achenyo-she was the compere of the event) soonest, for now you can follow this link to Nigerian Natural's blog where she put up some pics from the event, see if you can spot me :D !

Complimentary Cards (Front)
Complimentary Cards (Back)

The tentative date for the next meetup is July 6 (no venue yet-you can check the fb page for updates …..or NN’s blog…., so set your reminders people and come and enjoy a socializing, enlightening and rewarding time! The meetup had a mixed crowd of those with natural hair, relaxed hair, weaves, braids, and transitioners so please know that everyone is welcome, at the end of the day the aim is to teach us how to care for our hair properly and even our skin.
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  1. I laughed so much reading this...thank you so much for being there.

    I look forward to seeing your pictures and will put a link on my blog to this post.

    1. Glad u enjoyed it!i'm still waiting on the pics o *sigh. hopefully they will be up by this weekend

  2. Hi , I would like to find out which of the vendors sold you the moringa oil , and get her contact if you have it.

    1. hiya, please click on the complimentary card. Its Nelsag Enterprises Int'l Ltd, the details are on it

  3. hello there....I love your blog....quick 1, when is the next Abuja naturals meet up pls? and who did the song you use on your banner?

  4. hiya.glad u like it. i have no idea @d moment when the next meetup is, but i'll definitely put up a post once i get any info regarding it. what is the title of the song, i gotta couple of songs up so i nid to know the exact one u'r referring to. if it's All over-Gyptian sang it. v a swell day!! Toodles!XooX


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