Thursday, 6 June 2013

Yaaoch Part 3 (Back to square 1!)

My new ‘Wax’ Spa- Bnatural Spa
Lol!! Don’t mind me, I had to find a new spa for my waxing needs after my not so pleasant experience at MB Hammam during my last wax session (new therapist) it was a horror! the 1st therapist practically bruised me without taking out the hairs until she finally gave up and told me her thumb cound not allow her continue; they sent in a replacement who talked and apologized almost throughout the session and barely managed to make it look decent. I was quite upset at the service, the pain and my time wasted, i expressed my disappointment to the manager who apologized and said i'd get a discount for my next treatment (definitely not waxing). I was able to locate Bnatural Spa (No. 30, Mediterranean str, Imani Estate, Maitama) and although not as efficient as my former morroccan lady at MB Hammam, this new spa will serve my purpose just fine. I am still using MB Hammam for my hammam sessions though, i have a free hammam on my loyalty card to do thanks to all the referrals and gifts of spa treats i have made to friends. I hope i enjoy the treatment as usual as i will be very sad to go hunting for a new spa for hammams also.You can check out my Yaaoch Part 2 here Take care of you and remember to spoil yourself once in a while. 
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