Monday, 25 May 2015

Memory of the Day-Lyric Books!!

Sitting at my dining table scraping carrots my mind drifted to all sorts of things and it must have been the music (Celine Dion's Think Twice) from my 90's playlist filtering into my ears, weaving through my thoughts and into my brain that triggered the memory. 

Lyric Books!! There was once a time that we learnt the lyrics of songs from books. The books usually had a thin glossy cover and flimsy pages of loads of lyrics. They'd type out the Heading of the song first then who sang it and then type out d verse's and chorus and if any part had to be repeated. loooll. 

You can imagine the wave of nostalgia hitting me right now.

We'd buy these books back when I was in Secondary School for 100 to 200 Naira back den, depending on your bargaining skill and how loaded the book was. This was how I learnt the lyrics to Unleash d dragon, Thong Song n songs by Brandy,Destiny's Child,Westlife, Nsync, BoyzIIMen,Sean Paul and soooooo many other jams of den even the naija ones. 
The books would always get passed around and eventually get tattered, funny thing is we'd still consult them in that state whenever the jam came on on our Rechargeable Lamp radios and most of these books had d wrong lyrics in them! i think it was just a Nigerian thing though i'm not certain about that. *smh good ol' days. 
Now we just have to type out the song on the internet and several results come up with the lyrics n u can even get a karaoke version. 
Times definitely have changed.

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  1. LOL! I remember! That was how I learned Sisquo's songs and Foxy Brown and yes! Celine Dion!

    1. i know right!! good ol'days.lool. studying lyric books like say we go write exam on top am


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