Monday, 18 May 2015

We are ONE!!

*insert the Lion King theme song. lol.
It's our 1 year anniversary!! We had our marriage ceremonies on May 16 &17 so we consider both days our anniversary days. I can't believe 1 year has gone by already, its soo surreal. Aiit i'm gonna make this post a brief one.
Highlights of our 1 year marriage:
  • Moving to our new home & setting it up (still setting it up till now, lol. gradual process)
  • Our birthdays (we were both born in December)
  • Christmas Holidays visiting our families
  • Spending the New Year together and sharing meals to our neighbours
  • Getting our property 
  • Getting new lucrative businesses
  • Finally getting to open our wedding gifts
  • Having our siblings stay over with us for the hols
  • Home BBQ with our friends
  • Valentine's day getaway
  • Hubby's induction into a prestigious club
  • Lagos trip getaway
  • Attending weddings together (we have been to 3 so far)
  • Kajuru Castle road trip with friends
  • Marking our 1 year anniversary
We didn't do much on the day of our anniversary to mark it 'cos we kinda started marking it from the beginning of the month. 
We went on a road trip with some friends on May 1st to the Kajuru castle in Kaduna, it was soooo much fun (i'm gonna do a post on this later), we spent the night there and left late afternoon of the next day. 
On the eve of our anniversary which was a Friday, we spent the day together just chilling at home and reflecting on our life, then went out in the evening with our friends and had a nice time and we ended up partying till the early morning.
May 16th- we were soo exhausted!!spent most of the day sleeping. lol, then i made us waffles, scrambled eggs, sausages and baked beans for brunch with some strawberry and chocolate Hershey's sauce-yummmmmyyyy- before we hit round 2 of sleeping then replying calls and msgs (sms & social media) from family and friends. Late evening, Hubby ended up playing soccer on his PS4 while i watched YouTube vids and surfed the internet. 
May 17th- we went to church then the Nile Place for a buffet lunch. Home, Hubby watched football and played soccer on his PS4 (no i do not regret getting him the console for his bday,lol) while i caught up on all my YouTube channels and did some work and internet surfing-Yes people i'm a YouTube addict :D. We replied calls and msgs (sms & social media) friends and family and just chilled and looking for each other's trouble (you don't wanna know what this entails) for the rest of the day till it was time to sleep.

We didn't bother with getting gifts or travelling for our anniversary 'cos we'll be travelling by June for our Honeymoon!! I know right more than one year after the wedding ceremony, but i'm glad we set our priorities and can comfortably go on the trip and have a swell time. You can imagine how super excited i am about it and looking forward to a holiday. I love travelling and exploring new places!

We have no clue what people do for 1 year anniversaries anyway so we winged it and had a swell memorable time.
I am so grateful to God that we are able to pass the 1 year mark, it might seem small to most but its a big deal to us. We know people that get married and separate or divorce days or months after. It has been the grace of God that has kept us together this long and i pray we will live to celebrate many more happy, goofy, fruitful and prosperous years together. This past year has been quite the journey, a learning process still ongoing, we have had our laughs, crys, quarrels, disagreements, disputes, fun, goofiness, love, lows, highs, and so much more. We choose to focus on the positives and appreciate what we have and make the best of it. Remember love cannot survive just by itself, it needs constant nurturing. Contentment while pursuing goals is the key to happiness. We should make a habit of counting our blessings and then we will see how much God does for us. We hope to share many more of our anniversaries with you guys. Look out for new posts 'bout what married life has been like for me this past year.
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  1. Awwhhh,
    I am so glad to read this post.

    Well done and Congratulations!



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