Saturday, 21 November 2015

Skypainters Nigeria

As our mornings unfold and the sun rises, we easily get caught up in the routine of the day. The clouds shift, sometimes hiding a blazing sun or releasing rain drops as we seek shelter from Mother Nature. Amidst all this, if we could stop for a second, we can behold the beauty freely given in the skies above. If we are quick enough, we can capture pieces of these moments through our camera lens to treasure. When the sun eventually sets, the moon takes its place and the stars may decide to grace the skies alongside it wherever you are, you can lie back and relive your captured piece and properly take in its beauty; The hustle kept aside for the dawning of another day.
These captured moments are what Skypainters Nigeria is about. Raw and unedited captured pieces with a few lines to enhance the beauty of each piece

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