Sunday, 22 November 2015

Wig Newbie

I'm a wig newbie and currently have just one wig which i started wearing sometime in September but i'm really loving it and motivated to get some more styles. The one i currently have is Synthetic and the style is a fringe with layers by the sides and long mid-back length hair behind and it cost just  'bout N2500. It makes my life as a lazy natural easier.
To think i used to find it funny that my mum and her friends wore wigs, when i was younger. They were definitely on to something good. lol. 
It's been months since i've been to a salon and i only go there to get weaves in, I wash and condition at home then braid/cornrow my hair flat into four/six lines (depending on how lazy i'm being), after this i either rock a turban, natural hairstyles or a my wig. This has been my routine for the past few months and the quickest/easiest way to tame my full and long mane.
Comfortable, not hot underneath, basic to diva in minutes, easy to maintain, freedom to take it off when home, versatile-can rock different hairstyles as often as i like, it fits sturdy

Scared of it falling off, self-conscious 'bout it, can't move my head with reckless abandon esp in the clubif someone mistakenly grabs at it, my not-so-neat/cute braids underneath will be exposed
Here are some ladies inspiring me to embrace 'Wigdom' with open arms as they rock awesome styles, colors and textures- BeautybyJJ, PatriciaBright, Peakmill. Check them out on IG and YouTube.


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