Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Val's Day as a Married couple

If you follow my blog, you already know my thoughts on Valentine's day, if you are new to my blog, check out these posts to know what i mean. It is just another day. More of a cliche now to show love only on this day and shower your significant other with gifts and all that good stuff. 
Moving on, this post is just about my first valentine's day as a married gal and if the way i feel about it has changed. I still feel the same way about it by the way and although i told my S/O we were not gonna do anything, he still got me cupcakes (cakes are NEVER a bad idea!) and a NACK lovebox (if u know me u know i love anything NACK and i'm an unofficial ambassador of the brand). I cannot hold a grudge against him for not going with my let's have a normal day idea. He proposed to me on Feb 15, read here, so we decided to have a change of location and just chill for the weekend at a coded hotel. It was really nice and we hung out with our friends, who happened to lodge in the same hotel, later in the day. We played couple games with them, watched movies, the guys played video games. I have to say it was good fun, good food and good people. 
Excerpt from a post i did on Val's day a while back:
"Do we have to pick just one day to show love to our dear ones in material form or should we embrace making it a habit to do this daily. Truth is while we may be waiting for February 14 to come, our loved ones may not wait around.
Show love whenever you can and to whoever you can...Xoxo"

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  1. Awwwhhhh! How cute and sweet.

    I would love everyday to be special but I don't hold a grudge against February 14th!


  2. loool. dnt get me wrong oo, i don't hold a grudge against the day, just how much of a cliche it has become and especially that some people choose ONLY this day to spoil their loved ones

  3. Hello! Love your blog --I've been skimming through it.

    I was wondering who made the 'cartoon' for your traditional engagement invite? It's very cute and I'd love to do something similar for my upcoming traditional engagement.

    Thanks for your help and God Bless!

    1. tnk u kindly @ttops. our invite was made by Bibiinvitations. you can contact them through their website Congrats on ur upcoming trad.May God bless ur day & make it a success.cheers


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