Thursday, 19 November 2015

Lil Miss Four Eyes

I'm back on my glasses p guys. Nerd alert*
The first time i ever got glasses in my life was during the hols of Junior Secondary School (JSS2) 3rd term after much nagging to my parents. Dad n Mum had glasses n I thought it made them look cool, smart and serious. I had been trying to get one since forever and done everything possible to make them believe i needed one- I sat very close to the TV, squinted n did many other tins i can't even recall. I went back to school and resumed JSS3 with 2 new tins- a super lowhaircut (i may do a post on this and how i cried as my hair was cut and packed the hair into and empty nature essence cream container *sadtimes) and circular framed glasses (supposedly corrective lens) in sky blue plastic frames. Terrible! I was diagnosed to have myopia (short-sightedness) i don't think I ever took any pic with those glasses. I didn't want them anymore but my prayers or actions had worked and my sight wasn't already ruined or maybe that's just how my eyes were from birth *shrug. Thinking back now, i do thank God for unanswered prayers-i remember praying to have Asthma so i wouldn't have to do Morning Duties in school and other weird prayers i thank God for not answering. 
I only wore my glasses in class (Sec. Sch. & Uni) so I could c d black/white board. I eventually let them just sit in  their case after Uni, i had rocked 'bout 3-4 recommended glasses by this time. 
I went to get my eyes checked (for glaucoma, etc.) and got prescribed new lens n antioxidants sometime around July . I'm loving my new frames though, i think i picked a better shape & d world is clearer/sharper now. I wear them about though (when i remember) I'm still adjusting to the renewed feeling of having it on my face,pressed against my nose. I have to say this one suits me way better n I love d touch of color plus I don't have to squint anymore (premature eye wrinkles ain't so cute and i definitely wanna have my sight in old age). Everyone's getting used to seeing me in them now and i think i'm growing into them nicely too. Don't u think?

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  1. They look beautiful on you, The frames can make or mar your look but urs look good

  2. thank u kindly Joy :) Yeah choosing the right frames is definitely important if u wanna look good wearing glasses

  3. Yeah, the frames look good on you. I remember wearing glasses in secondary school;I think it was myopic astigmatism I had so I wore the most horrible froggy glasses ever! I stopped wearing glasses deliberately in , I think, my 2nd year in the university or so!

    1. lool!! tnx dear, i know how u feel, dunno why they don't advice on best frames to suit younger people especially students. They just give us the one they feel like and it can look so terrible most times!


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