Thursday, 12 May 2011

Crossing Roads

I hate crossing roads!! no matter how narrow or wide the roads are,whether busy or not, and despite the many years i've spent in Lagos which should have probably made me a guru in crossing roads by now.
Anyway i still hate doing it and i avoid it as much as possible whether i have to pay an extra N100 to a cab to cross and take me to my destination or i have to do a 5minute walk to an overhead bridge (better safe than sorry).
If i have no option than to cross though, i'm extremely patient and look left and right even when the cars are coming in only one direction, as i have been hit by a bike before by concentrating on just the cars coming in my direction, but trust these bikers na, na dem sabi pass the wrong directions most. Thankfully no harm was done.
Countless people have died standing on the edge of road, talk less of crossing the road. After all not everyone driving on the road is sane and mishaps cannot always be predicted or prevented in time.

I will take my time and would rather stroll to the overhead bridge or pay extra cash for a cab to turn than get hit.
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